Providing the highest quality, on-demand learning and development talent is critical to the integrity of our business and the overall success of the learning solutions we provide to our clients.

Learn about our exceptional talent and the services they provide, and how we ensure the highest quality standards in identifying, screening, and deploying learning professionals matched to our clients’ unique learning needs, company culture, and business goals.

Trainers, Facilitators, Coaches

Whether you are training in today’s in-demand technologies or the latest business or soft-skill topic, the value of the training hinges on the quality of the trainer. Finding a cost-effective way to secure highly qualified trainers, where and when you need them is essential. TTA offers trainers who have undergone our stringent recruiting and vetting processes. For short-term projects to large scale rollouts, we can supply your organization with the quantity and quality of subject matter expert trainers needed to meet your organization’s learning objectives.

Instructional Designers

Our expert Instructional Designers create high-quality, engaging curricula for instructor-led, eLearning, gamification, mobile learning, micro-learning, and blended approaches. Our number one goal is to maximize training ROI by aligning training objectives with your company’s business goals and strategies. The Training Associates is a top-rated instructional design company providing best-in-class instructional design and development talent and services based on classical instructional design models, including ADDIE, SAM, and AGILE.

Our instructional design solutions enable you to build solid learning programs matched to the unique needs and goals of learners in your organization. When collaborating with our clients, we employ a variety of instructional design methodologies, including scenario-based, motivational design, and immersive learning, to achieve better learning outcomes.

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Content Developers

The Training Associates’ (TTA) experienced content developers possess subject matter, instructional, and technical writing expertise to aid clients in the development or editing of curriculum to meet their unique learning requirements. TTA’s curriculum developers are proficient at adapting existing Instructor-led Training content for e-learning applications or other technology-enabled modalities. Our content developers are also routinely tasked with creating or customizing curriculum for clients’ proprietary technologies or processes.

TTA subject matter experts (SMEs) are also engaged in the review, updating, and beta testing of course material prior to release – enabling clients to avoid potential errors and costly reprinting and distribution charges.

Services Include:

  • Instruction or study guide
  • Trainer guide
  • Student text or workbook
  • Labs
  • Review questions

Technical Writers

Relying subject matter experts or product engineers to produce documentation surrounding your products and solutions could be a costly mistake leading to higher product support costs, frustrated users, and dissatisfied employees and customers.

TTA’s expert technical writers work in conjunction with your subject matter experts and product engineers to produce documentation that will enhance your company’s brand and image, increase awareness of your products and services, and improve user satisfaction—saving your company time and money.

Our experts support your technical writing needs to enhance your company’s brand and image
These individuals possess mastery in a variety of skills, including writing, technical knowledge, software (development tools), interviewing/listening skills, and design/graphics/formatting skills and are able to produce documentation in a variety of formats, including but not limited to:

Product Documents

  • Product Spec Sheets
  • Product Features Document
  • Marketing Documentation

Process Documents

User Documents

  • Product Description Document
  • User Manual
  • Installation Document
  • Configuration Document
  • Quick Start Guide

Learning Strategists

Too often, when companies are faced with important learning challenges, they may get ahead of themselves and jump right into implementation without clearly understanding objectives, resource needs, time constraints, etc. Developing a clear learning strategy in advance of important learning initiatives is vital to the overall success of the project. By taking the time upfront to thoroughly answer key strategic questions, organizations can avoid unnecessary costs, conserve resources, and mitigate risks.

TTA’s learning strategy consultants are experts with decades of experience supporting the diverse learning needs of leading organizations across multiple industries. They apply their industry experience and learning best practices to evaluate, define, and build a learning framework customized to your unique business goals. Our team’s extensive knowledge of learning operations offers 
learner-centric solutions that are effective and practical to implement.  We focus on your learning challenges and deliver a defined strategy to build adoption for new learning programs and processes.