TTA’s 2021 Virtual “Empowering Women to Lead” Series

Join us for our virtual “Empowering Women to Lead” series as we hear from four remarkable women leaders.


  1. Thursday, October 14th – “Leading With Empathy
  2. Thursday, October 21st – “Leading With Mental Toughness
  3. Thursday, October 28th – “Leading With Resilience
  4. Thursday, November 4th – “Leading With Confidence

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
Price:  $249 for the four-week series. You can join at any time and will receive the recording for any previous sessions. (*All recordings will expire on 12/5/2021)
Audience:  New and Emerging Leaders

Are you new to a leadership position or an emerging leader? Are you looking to develop skills and strategies for leadership advancement? If so, we invite you to TTA’s 2021 Virtual “Empowering Women to Lead” Series!

Join us as we hear from four remarkable women leaders and experts in the Learning and Development space. This four-week, hour-long lunchbreak series will focus on inspiring and cultivating women leaders by developing your ability to lead with empathy, mental toughness, mindfulness, and confidence.

During this four-week series, our speakers will help encourage and nurture the leadership mindset within you. You will learn how to –

  • Develop an empathetic approach to leading that inspires engagement and workplace inclusion
  • Develop the skills to foster a mentally tough and “solution-based” mindset
  • Learn practical strategies for strengthening your leadership resilience, and
  • Improve your connection skills as a leader that will positively influence your culture resulting in greater workforce engagement

This energizing four-week series will deliver actionable items that allow you to stand apart as an empowered leader and immediately apply to your workplace.

Take your leadership commitment to the next level – register today!

empowering women to lead

Speakers and Session Descriptions

Speaker: Kisha Dixon
Date: Thursday, October 14th 12-1
Title: Leading With Empathy

Kisha’s Bio:

Kisha Dixon is a TTA Senior Learning Consultant and Diversity Practitioner. With over two decades of experience designing and facilitating behavior-based sales, coaching, and leadership solutions, Kisha’s approach is refreshingly unique. She recognizes that identifying the specific rhythms in an organization’s culture is the key to creating visible, empowering leadership, and culture change. Clients have found her approach to building a high-performance and inclusive culture to be tangible, transparent, energizing, and honest—with a perfect touch of humor.

Session Description:

Recent events over the past 18 months have sparked a wave of conversations about empathy in the workplace. Employees are showing a genuine desire to become more understanding and leaders need to be equipped to handle those conversations and cultivate an empathetic mindset. This interactive and engaging virtual session will include activities to help you recognize when to use empathy and communicate it well – so that you can become a champion in your organization and inspire a culture of inclusion and belonging.

In this session, Kisha will help you –  

  • Learn the magic formula to getting empathy right – every time
  • Establish a common language for speaking about empathy
  • Help you become a champion for empathy in the workplace and create an environment where all can thrive

Join us for an open and honest conversation – to empower an empathetic mindset that sparks a change in behavior, encourages others, and promotes a culture of inclusion.

Speaker: Laura Eiman
Date: Thursday, October 21st 12-1
Title: Leading With Mental Toughness

Laura’s Bio:

Laura Eiman is a 67-year-old gold medal Olympic weightlifter, a Navy SEAL certified mental toughness coach and a successful entrepreneur. After decades of dysfunction, at 48 years old Laura started studying the mindset of the Navy SEALs. After applying what she learned from the SEALs to her own life, Laura developed a mental toughness and resilient mindset. With her new mindset, Laura began training to be an Olympic weightlifter at the age of 64. Practicing her mental toughness program, Laura became a champion going on to win a gold medal at the Pan Am Games. Laura is an ordinary person, now doing extraordinary things because she got mentally tough.

Session Description:

How would it feel to show up at work every day thinking like a Navy SEAL and living in a solution-based, highly productive mindset, instead of dwelling on all those pandemic, economic and racial fears?

In this session, Laura will help you learn how to –

  • Think like a Navy SEAL to develop resiliency, stay motivated, and avoid burnout on the job.
  • Develop the habits of Olympic athletes to lose that Covid15 and take your fitness to the next level.
  • Discover how to “adapt and go” like the SEALS do, to thrive in a constantly changing work environment.
  • Learn how to never quit, but instead rise up and meet tough times with calm confidence.

It’s never too late to transform your mindset and win your own gold medals.

Speaker: Pari Smart
Date: Thursday, October 28st 12-1
Title: Leading With Mindfulness

Pari’s Bio:

Pari Smart is a dynamic facilitator and the principal and founder of Smart Possibilities. Pari is certified through the Gallup Organization as a Strength Finders Coach and the majority of her work is based in Positive Psychology and Strengths Psychology. Pari coaches leaders on how to develop and strengthen the positive attributes of their teams and employees. She teaches leaders how to manage to employees’ strengths and not focus on their weaknesses – ultimately leading to improved workforce engagement and employee retention.

Session Description:

Today’s workers are experiencing anxiety, depression, and burnout at all-time high rates. Not only has this led to active disengagement and decreased team productivity, but also record employee turnover. Today’s leaders need tenacity, grit, and resilience to effectively lead their teams through these unprecedented times.

In this session, Pari will help you –

  • Explore the value of resilient leadership
  • Learn practical strategies for strengthening your leadership resilience
  • Practice techniques to extinguish burnout on your team

This workshop, led by Pari Smart, Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner & Business Coach, will provide you with new tools you can begin applying immediately to become a resilient leader.  You won’t want to miss this one!

Speaker: Anne Bonney
Date: Thursday, November 4th  12-1
Title: Leading With Confidence

Anne’s Bio:

Anne Bonney is an energetic international motivational keynote speaker and trainer. She is also an authority on Change Management, best-selling author of “GET THEM OVER IT!”, podcast host of the “Ignite Your Influence” podcast and an experienced leadership workshop facilitator. After 20 years in highly successful corporate and nonprofit leadership positions, Anne, now uses her experience, education, and expertise to ignite her audience’s courage and empowerment skills to embrace the challenges that transition brings.

Session Description:

Leaders in today’s workplace need to be savvy, intentional, and confident. You have to connect and communicate effectively with your team, and if you can, you’ll be the kind of leader your people WANT to follow. In order to build that confidence and intentionality, you need to focus on improving your skills in proven ways.

In this engaging (and fun!) presentation, Change Management Authority Anne Bonney will ignite your leadership with those key skills that will heat up your confidence as a leader. Who doesn’t want that?

In this session, Anne will help you discover and develop –

  • Confidence and connection skills that immediately impact your culture with greater engagement, collaboration, and motivation, resulting in increased productivity and goal achievement
  • Self-awareness tactics to improve intentionality in leadership and confidence in skills
  • Communication tips to tackle those key interpersonal issues and collaborative problem-solving challenges