Agile Project Management TTA Blog
December 6, 2018  | By

Agile Project Management Frameworks in Action

Agile project management continues to be a positive choice for project managers in all types…
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Soft Skills Manager TTA Blog
December 3, 2018  | By

These Are the Five Significant Management Soft Skills That You Need to Succeed

Being a manager isn’t an easy task but can be extremely rewarding. To be effective…
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Effective Decision Making TTA Blog
November 29, 2018  | By

4 Steps to Effective Decision-Making

Decisions are made on a daily basis, and “it almost goes without saying that decision-making…
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November 20, 2018  | By

Tips to Handling Resistant Learners

Resistant learners are not anything an organization can run from. There is always one in…
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Virtual Presentations TTA Blog
November 12, 2018  | By

Virtual Presentations – The Do’s and The Don’ts

In an ever-growing digital workplace, virtual presentations are becoming more common. “The good news is…
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Simple Techniques TTA Blog
November 1, 2018  | By

Simple Techniques to Increase Participation in Your Training Programs

Engaging adult learners and motivating them to participate in training has always been a pain…
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