Can a Tech Writer Help?

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You may know a great writer, but do you know what makes a Tech Writer special?  This blog answers two big questions – what they do, and how they can help.

A Technical Writer streamlines complex issues and language for easier comprehension.[i]  Tech writers can:

1. Document

By capturing and sharing process details (such as complex training materials, instructional materials, reports, briefs, and policies[ii])  Tech Writers can support your documentation and training initiatives.

2. Target and Simplify

By simplifying information for easy consumption, Tech Writers can make complex information relevant and useful for a targeted audience.[iii] From explaining internal procedures to implementation processes – when sharing expertise or skills, having a technical writer is inescapable. [iv]

3. Learn Quick, then Share

Proven by their flexibility to grasp a variety of subject matters (ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to the manufacturing industry[v]) Tech Writers are quick learners.  They can produce documentation in different systems and formats, or adapt as needed.[vi] Need a visual?  Some Tech Writers can present documentation with illustrations. A technical writer with a minimum base of graphic ability is more than useful.[vii]

4. Think like Your Readers

A technical writer’s experience equips them with the capacity to view the finished documentation that they produce from the viewpoint of a user and learner. This is an asset, as they can make changes to the finished product to make it more clear, simplified, and user-friendly.[viii] Technical writers can draw upon the experience they have to create meaningful solutions and efficient results – all from a user’s point of view.

These are just a few ways that Tech Writers can help your organization. For more on TTA’s Technical Writers, visit our Technical Writers page.



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