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Whether you are building a new team in your organization or adding new members to an existing one, the perfect blend of talent, experience, and personality is important. You want the best talent possible to drive results, right?

You can relate it to building a house. You have your team of experts that come in to do their job.  It can be to lay the foundation, install the floors, wire the electrical, frame the windows, or paint the walls.  Everyone offers unique expertise that contributes to building the structure. When it is done, you have an amazing finished product.

We take a similar philosophy and approach to how we distinguish and select our contract Learning and Development (L&D) talent. We have contract Learning and Development superstars, and we are proud to recognize their contribution to client engagements. This is one of the reasons why we’ve established TTA’s Certification Program.

TTA’s Certified Professionals

TTA’s Certification Program recognizes our L&D talent and the excellence they deliver to our clients every day. This program promotes their expertise.

We acknowledge our experts who possess high achievement levels based on key success factors. These experts have exceeded our stringent quality performance standards across multiple client engagements, and have consistently demonstrated high levels of professionalism with clients. These people strive to ensure customer satisfaction on every engagement.

While all our network of talent is experienced and skilled in many areas, we like to recognize the highest standards they deliver. Many of our professionals have worked with us for decades, delivering hundreds of client engagements over the years.

Why Become a TTA Certified Professional?

  • Consideration for Learning and Development Opportunities
    We receive hundreds of requests each month from clients for learning and development talent. Our TTA Certified professionals get primary consideration for client engagements based on their expertise, qualifications, and dedicated service.
  • Promotion and Marketing Support
    TTA supports the diverse learning and development needs of clients of all sizes and in all industries, including most of the Fortune 500 companies. We promote the skills and expertise of our contract TTA Certified professionals through various marketing channels.
  • Comprehensive Support and a Variety of Benefits
    We provide the support and tools for our contractor L&D professionals, including reliable payment processing, industry-related information, travel support, and a variety of additional resources.

How Do I Become a TTA Certified Professional?

The TTA Certified Professional is a free and voluntary program. By registering with TTA as an L&D professional on TTAconnect, you are automatically considered for participation in the program. Once an L&D professional meets the minimum requirements outlined in the program guide and qualifications are confirmed by the TTA Certification Committee, you are enrolled in the program.

We are excited about adding new L&D talent to our TTA Certification Program. We take pleasure in acknowledging those professional contractors who demonstrate our commitment to service and contribute to our industry recognition for excellence. Our team of L&D professionals is the best in the industry.

Join our team, to get started on your way!


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