Top Tips for Making Your Training Effective

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Tips Making Training Effective TTA

While training provides numerous long-term benefits, making the decision to invest in training can be a costly investment. For this reason, it is imperative that you make the training effective and worth the investment. According to research, approximately 40% of employees who receive poor training leave their job within a year of starting.[i] In order to keep your employees performing at a high level and to improve your organization’s retention rates, you must ensure that your training is effective.

Set Goals for the Training

One of the most important components of making your training effective is goal setting. At the beginning of each training, you should have each learner set personal goals for the training. An example of a goal for training could be: “By the end of my training, I’d like to have a strong understanding of how my new knowledge can be applied to my day-to-day tasks.” Also, the entire group being trained should set learning goals as well. Setting goals helps learners see the destination at the end of the training and gives them something to work towards throughout the training.

Make the Training Fun and Engaging

It is really challenging to have successful outcomes from your training when the learners are bored. Participants of the training are more likely to absorb the information if they are interested and excited about what they are learning. In fact, only 13% of employees are engaged in their jobs and this is a statistic that could be changed through fun and exciting training.[ii] Employees who are excited about learning will also be excited about applying their new knowledge to their job.

Teach How the Training Can Be Applied to Everyday Activities

We have all been in training sessions and classroom environments where we’ve had the thought, “When will I ever actually use this information?” Neglecting to answer this type of question within the context of the training session can lead to a lack of engagement. Ensure that you are training the learners on both the material and how it can be useful to them in their everyday lives. Learners will be more excited about the learning they accomplish as part of the training.

In order to get the most out of any training you offer, be sure to reference these few tips. Your learners will be happier, more engaged, and will become better employees at your organization.


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