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With over 35 years of sales research and in-the-field practice, The Brooks Group certainly knows a thing or two about delivering real world sales training programs to companies. The company builds and implements customized corporate sales training and sales effectiveness initiatives. At the core of every program delivered by The Brooks Group are the solid, tested principles, and tools of IMPACT Selling®, a system honed with over 38 years of research and experience. The company has delivered sales effectiveness programs, including hiring, sales training, and sales management coaching – for clients in more than 350 industries.

Business Problem

The Brooks Group was experiencing rapid sales growth – expanding their delivery of sales training programs to corporate clients. This momentum, though great for their bottom line, had a tremendous impact on the company’s core team of content developers who were charged with creating the customized training curriculum for clients. The content development team was stretched to resource capacity. In addition, the company’s client training initiatives began to significantly fluctuate during the year.

The company began investing time, money, and resources in recruiting and onboarding new developers to grow the team – only to leave them significantly underutilized during the slower sales periods. It was becoming more and more difficult to properly predict, support, and align staffing needs to client demands. The Brooks Group knew it needed an alternative workforce solution to help effectively staff their core team with the fluctuating training schedules. The company looked to partner with a training service provider who had the qualified talent and delivery expertise to support an on-demand workforce model.

Selection Process 

Having previously met a TTA representative at an industry event, The Brooks Group contacted The Training Associates (TTA). After several in-depth conversations, the company partnered with TTA based on TTA’s reputation in the learning and development industry, as well as TTA’s proven approach to delivering qualified L&D talent.

“The conversations with TTA were receptive and focused on my L&D talent needs,” said James Buck, Vice President of Client Experience at The Brooks Group. “They took the time to understand what we were trying to accomplish and our expected project success outcomes. The developers TTA selected for our project possessed the right knowledge of development methodologies and adult learning best practices.”

TTA Solution 

TTA delivered a learning talent solution based on The Brooks Group need to effectively staff curriculum developer resources to meet the company’s fluctuating client training needs. TTA provided the company with an ‘on-demand bench’ of qualified curriculum developers. The team serves as an extension of The Brooks Group core development team, and are deployed on an as needed basis. The team of developers was carefully assembled — possessing a range of expertise to support the varying requirements of each client project.

Building a bench of qualified L&D talent for the company was a straight forward process. Within one week, TTA identified and pre-qualified 15 developer resources with the specific experience the company required. From this qualified resource selection, The Brooks Group conducted personal interviews with the learning professionals to make their final candidate selections. In less than six weeks, the selected team of developers was fully supporting client projects. “The on-demand bench of developers gives us the capability and flexibility to support our clients’ various sales training requests,” said Buck. “TTA was able to match resources based on our specific skill set requirements and industry experience background – fulfilling our exact needs and giving us the confidence to rely on an extended L&D resource team.”

Business Results

The extended on-demand workforce approach meant 100% utilization of development resources – saving the company both time and money. In addition, The Brooks Group is now able to support one third more client projects at one time – giving them the ability to nearly double their sales training results. The Brooks Group was extremely pleased with the ease of the screening and selection process. “The candidate screening process TTA provided is something I value tremendously as a client,” said Buck. “TTA delivers the expert learning talent – saving me hundreds of hours of screening.” By partnering with TTA, the company is prepared to meet their monthly goals for sales training by leveraging TTA’s team of experts. “TTA provides us with the confidence and scalability to deliver successful results for clients,” said Buck.

Future Uses  

The Brooks Group continues to rely on TTA for future strategic learning opportunities. “We are always looking for new opportunities to expand our services,” said Buck. “Working with TTA has been a pleasant, productive, and rewarding experience. We look forward to continuing this trusted partnership in the future.”