Citgo Case Study

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CITGO Petroleum Corporation is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has 3,700 employees. The company refines, markets and transports gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, lubricants, petrochemicals, and other petroleum-based industrial products. CITGO owns and operates three highly complex crude oil refineries located in the United States, making the company one of the largest refiners in the nation. The company markets motor fuels to independent marketers who then sell their motor fuels to nearly 6,000 branded retail outlets.

Business Problem

CITGO was responsible for rolling out a new professional development curriculum program to employees, across four US locations. As part of the corporate training initiative to achieve performance excellence, employees who opted into the new training program were required to attend five to seven professional skills training classes, depending on their role in the company. With a small full-time training staff, the company did not have the resources to deliver the training to hundreds of employees. CITGO looked to partner with a company that could identify, deliver, and deploy highly-qualified training professionals needed across several regions.

Selection Process

Based on preliminary due diligence efforts, CITGO identified four prospective providers for consideration. After lengthy company evaluations and thorough review of the providers capabilities, the company selected The Training Associates (TTA), based on TTA’s vast network of qualified training professionals, regional training resources, industry-recognized leadership in training delivery, and cost-effective training delivery solutions. In addition, the company was pleased with TTA’s course offerings. TTA’s course mapping process allowed us to choose the level we wanted most for the training, said Marcia Childers, Organizational Development Specialist at CITGO.

TTA Solution

Drawing from TTA’s extensive network of highly-qualified training professionals, TTA promptly assembled a solution that included qualified trainers, regionally located, in each of the four company locations. TTA shared the trainer candidate selection process with us, said Childers. We had multiple qualified trainer candidates to choose from and I appreciated being part of the process.  TTA deployed trainers to provide on-going, instructor-led training to support a multitude of professional business skills topics. The trainers delivered morning training sessions for managers, followed by non-manager training sessions in the afternoon. TTA delivered training professionals for CITGO’s development program for eighteen months. TTA’s team has been very impressive, said Childers. They handled the training delivery logistics and provided an open line of communication every step of the project.

Business Results

The company was pleased with the training delivery results. By relying on TTA to provide local and regional trainers, CITGO was able to successfully roll out training across several locations simultaneously, while reducing the company’s overall travel costs. TTA provided experienced, qualified training professionals at each location, said Childers. We were able to significantly reduce our travel costs by using TTA’s local training talent. Positive learner feedback, based on internal evaluations, also measured the success of the training delivery for CITGO. By teaming with TTA, our company has been able to increase its training offerings, resulting in the successful rollout and implementation of our professional development curriculum program, stated Childers.

Future Uses

CITGO will be using TTA to deliver training to additional employees as part of the company’s multi-year training program. Based on our experience working with TTA, we look forward to continuing to work with TTA on additional projects, noted Childers.