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We Design and Develop Custom and Proprietary Content

TTA doesn’t give you straight out of the book programs, or ones that we’ve used previously. Instead, we work with organizations, and our scalable resources, to create customized content solutions to enhance the performance of your company’s learning programs. Our high-impact learning solutions can exceed your organizational goals, and deliver expanded productivity and engagement. Once we’ve assessed your organizational needs, we put our tailored business solution in place to power and maximize high performance and the outcome that you desire.

We offer a range of solutions that includes traditional instructor-led training and eLearning, as well as inventive non-traditional approaches and delivery methods. At TTA, our goal is to deliver the best custom training and development solutions, using just the right format, to fulfill your company goals. We deliver actionable knowledge, and 85% of our L&D projects are specifically customized to meet our clients’ exact need. Take organizational initiative and make things happen by contacting us today.

Additional TTA Custom & Proprietary Training Benefits:
  • Key skill and subject matter focus
  • Cost-effective
  • Improved knowledge retention
  • Decreased overall training time

TTA’s domain experts excel in using key industry trends to present customized training solutions that fit any business’s needs. We hand-tailor solutions driven by our two-plus decades of expertise in all areas of learning and development, and always ensure that complete knowledge transfer has been made. At TTA, we provide distinctive solutions and services that deliver results and meet business needs.

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