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Include the User in the Design Experience

Identifying a problem, finding the area where learners seek to learn the most, and designing a new solution are some of the most crucial factors that makeup design thinking. The design thinking process encompasses both analytical and creative thinking, and creates team building and innovative thinking. By understanding the target audience, and re-framing the issue at hand in a human-centric way, the learner is able to better grasp the concept.

The five-step process involved in design thinking are relatively simple. The process involves:

  • Empathize – understand what the user wants, and what is important to them.
  • Define – expressing the problem that must be addressed
  • Ideate – generate ideas and perspectives
  • Prototype – start creating solutions
  • Test – refine solutions and gather feedback
Additional TTA Design Thinking Benefits:
  • Co-creation
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Expanded knowledge base

Design thinking allows both the learner and teacher to get immersed in discovering the drives, passions, and dislikes of services and experiences. Contact TTA to empower your organization with design thinking.

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