TTA and The Fisher House Boston

The Fisher House Boston and TTA Giving

(L-R) TTA CEO Maria Melfa, Betty O’Brien, Kevin O’Brien, Jennifer DeLuca, Executive Director of Fisher House Boston

Giving back has been at the forefront of TTA’s standard practices since its founding in 1994. One of the causes that is near and dear to our hearts here at TTA is Fisher House Boston, which is a home away from home where military families are able to stay while their loved ones receive in-house treatment at various medical centers. Any veteran or military personnel, wartime or peacetime, is eligible to have a family member stay at Fisher House. These homes are in the vicinity of major military and VA medical centers. Fisher House helps to ease the burden of Veterans and their family members during the most trying times.

TTA has been working with Fisher House Boston for about three years, and has contributed to the cause by sponsoring veteran families, donating during the holidays, and contributing gift cards to alleviate some of the stress for military families becoming acquainted with new locations while they stay at Fisher House.

Betty O’Brien speaking at TTA about impact of Fisher House Boston and TTA on her life

During a recent visit from Fisher House Boston, our CEO Maria Melfa was presented with the Thomas J. Hudner award for TTA’s contributions to this great cause. Captain Thomas J. Hudner was a Medal of Honor recipient for his actions in trying to save the life of his wingman, Ensign Jesse L. Brown, during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War. This award is rewarded to an organization for its ongoing commitment and dedicated service to others. TTA is so honored to be the 2018 recipient of this honorable award.

The award was presented during a visit from Jennifer (Jen) DeLuca, Executive Director of Fisher House Boston. Jen was accompanied by Betty O’Brien and her son, Kevin O’Brien. Kevin served as a pilot in the Air Force. In 2013, Kevin received news that he had a brain tumor and would have to undergo surgery at a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.  Kevin’s mother, Betty, wanted to support her son and be by his side throughout the entire process, but was unable to afford the cost of staying in Boston during her son’s surgery and recovery. It was at this point that Betty came across Fisher House Boston. With support from Fisher House, Betty was able to stay in a house within walking distance from her son before, during, and after his surgery. Betty said, “I attribute how well my son recovered to being able to be there with him the entire time.” Fisher House allowed for Betty to provide love and support during such a challenging time in Kevin’s life.

As stated by CEO Maria Melfa, “Freedom is not free and TTA is so honored to contribute to such a great cause. We are really looking forward to working with Fisher House in the future.” This is just one example of the impact that Fisher House makes on so many military families facing the most difficult times.