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A Fortune 1000 pharmaceutical company, known for developing and delivering leading edge products that make a difference in people’s lives, was seeking cost-effective ways to deliver new-hire sales training throughout their organization. Over the past several years, the organization has experienced exponential growth, leading to an expansion of its franchises. The company also ranks among the top 100 global corporations in research and development spending.

Business Problem

Cost Effectively Train New Sales Personnel On Proprietary Product

The organization previously had several dedicated trainers on staff within its sales training department. However, in a cost saving effort, they had scaled back the department after an internal study revealed that training costs were very high compared to industry benchmarks.

In anticipation of a new product scheduled to be launched in the marketplace within six months, the company had ramped up its hiring efforts — bringing aboard several new sales representatives. The company simply did not have enough internal resources to handle the large volume of classes required to train the sales personnel on the new product.  It had not previously utilized an outsourcing model for its sales training – however, corporate stakeholders recognized they needed to seek outside assistance in order to handle a project of this scale and scope.

TTA Solution

TTA Trainers Deployed For New-Hire Sales Training Over Four Month Period

The firm contacted The Training Associates (TTA) whose project managers assessed their needs and crafted a customized solution.  TTA consultants identified expert sales instructors who were also local to the client’s site.  The trainers were initially deployed for a three week train-the-trainer event to assimilate the client’s custom content surrounding their new pharmaceutical product.  The project included the deployment of these trainers to conduct 25 new-hire sales training classes on the client’s product over a four-month period.

Business Results

The training solution was hailed by the organization’s sales group to be a tremendous success.  The client realized an increase in productivity while keeping training costs down.  The company was so pleased with the results of the new-hire sales training that it has contracted with TTA to provide trainer resources for its leadership and development group.