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Hallmark Retail Point of Sale Case Study


A national retailer of cards, gifts, ornaments, and flowers faced problems often found in today’s high-volume consumer businesses. Challenges such as slow credit card processing, cumbersome transaction processing, delayed checkout, and customer service inefficiencies compiled, resulting in dissatisfied customers and further erosion of profits. Additionally, the retailer did not have a good grasp on asset management and could not easily identify its best customers.

Business Problem

Train 3,000 Employees on New POS in Over 1,000 Locations Nationwide

The retailer needed to implement a new Point of Sale (POS) system that delivered faster results, and included consumer tracking information in more than a thousand retail locations nationwide. All retail store locations needed to upgrade to the new system simultaneously, and customer service personnel needed to be trained quickly throughout the chain.

TTA Solution

35 TTA Trainers Deployed Over 3 Year Period to Instruct on POS Conversion

The solution involved using a combination of hardware, software, and training specialists to tackle each phase of the project. TTA identified and assembled a structured field organization capable of handling the training aspect of the task. A project manager recruited and hired six project leaders, a dedicated scheduler, and 35 instructors. To prepare for the training engagement, each instructor was required to attend a one-day train-the-trainer class and a three-day certification course to review the retailer’s marketing kit, video, and computer-based training materials (CBT). Trainers were deployed to each store location for a day and a half to ensure retail staff were comfortable using the new POS features and functions.

Business Results

Over the three-year contract, TTA instructors successfully trained the retailer’s employees in over 1,000 store locations nationwide. With the resulting dramatic staff efficiency improvements, healthier profits resumed quickly. Stores were able to readily identify and follow up with key customers, the retailer had control over all POS transaction processes, and individual stores were better positioned for future growth.