Fun Days


TTA’s Fun Days Are a Unique Benefit

We are very proud of our comprehensive benefits package at TTA. One thing particularly stands out and differentiates TTA  is our Fun Days.

Fun Days are an integral part of TTA’s culture. In the business world where stress is high and digital devices are ever-present, TTA’s CEO and President Maria Melfa has implemented five Fun Days per year to allow our employees the ability to spontaneously take a day off and enjoy themselves. These Fun Days are in addition to the vacation time that TTA employees get.

At any point during the year, every TTA employee can take a fun day to do whatever they want. Whether it’s an impromptu beach trip in the middle of the summer, or a quick ski trip during the winter, there is no need to schedule these days off in advance or feel guilty about waking up one morning and taking off work. All workers have the pressure of balancing the fine line between personal and professional lives, and TTA wants their employees to simply have a day for fun. Again, Fun Days at TTA are an essential part of building a culture that values people and supports employee engagement.

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