How We Can Help


We Have the Scope, Scale, and Expertise to Deliver You Results

Companies come to us with different training needs and desired outcomes. At TTA, we consider each client engagement a unique opportunity. We’re the largest, most recognized provider of on-demand learning and development talent and solutions. We feature over 25,000 L&D resources specializing in adult learning for all technologies and business/soft skills. For over two decades, we’ve been delivering learning professionals and training related services to some of the world’s leading organizations. As a trusted learning partner, companies rely on us to instantly increase their training capacity and capabilities greatly reducing time-to-training and time-to-competency.

Our talent and services enable us to skillfully design learning programs, create engaging content, and deliver high-energy learning environments to ensure an exceptional learning experience. Our capabilities and resources range from project and program management, content development, ILT, eLearning, and customized learning strategies.

From short-term training engagements to highly complex, multi-year enterprise-wide rollouts, our expert professionals work with you to understand your business needs and to deliver engaging training programs in all learning modalities. Our experts come from a wide range of industries and disciplines to deliver results that change business performance – from leadership development to custom and proprietary training. Our quality assurance provides expert talent and cost-effective services for any size learning project with minimal lead time, and delivers the desired outcomes achieved. In the end, we create learning experiences that deliver measurable results to meet your training objectives over 80% of our clients have been working with us for over ten years.