ILT (Instructor-Led Training)


We Are Dedicated to Making Your Training Classroom or Virtual Experience Everything You Want It to Be – and More

TTA’s ILT (Instructor-Led Training) provides comprehensive benefits to your organization and its employees by delivering above-board training, increased knowledge transfer, and valuable feedback in a classroom or virtual setting. We work with you on deciding the best course of action to take when it comes to ILT learning strategies – whether it’s lectures, presentations, demonstrations, interactive workshops, discussions, Q&As, or activities.

The power of ILT face-to-face interactions is that learners questions can be instantly validated and answered, and it helps reinforce the training session. Our ILT puts a personalized touch on training and instruction, and puts context to complex topics that need interaction and engagement such as leadership development and technical training. No matter your organization goals and objectives, our training can be customized to your organization’s goals and timelines, so give your team the opportunity to learn from the some of the top experts in their fields.

What Else ILT Can Do for You:
  • Team building
  • Better understanding
  • Individual attention
  • Adaptability
  • Context to complexity

In 2015, TTA and Chief Learning Officer Magazine conducted a study and found that 88% of companies continuing to use Instructor-Led Training as the primary learning modality. Contact us today to take advantage of TTA’s two decades of on-site client training experience.

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