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A major bank, headquartered in the Northwest, needed trainers for approximately 1,200 diverse classes per year in 75 locations throughout the United States. The training covered a variety of subjects including: bank teller operation, retail products, wholesale banking, international banking, trust and estate banking, as well as soft skills. As the client considered the scope and magnitude of this training initiative, it became clear that it lacked the resources needed to manage a training project of this scale and would need to expand its trainer staff.

Business Problem

Cost Prohibitive to Develop Required Team of Skilled Staff Trainers

After considering its options, the bank realized the investment needed to develop an in-house staff to satisfy the requirements of this initiative far exceeded what it wanted to expend on training. The travel costs alone would be excessive and the administrative burden extreme. It was also financially and logistically impractical to staff each location with full-time trainers possessing the required skill-sets and subject expertise. To find the requisite number of trainers qualified in the diverse subject matter, able to deliver the large number of geographically dispersed classes, the bank decided to outsource its training requirements to a company with experience in financial services.

TTA Solution

TTA Multi-Disciplined Trainers Delivered Training at 100% Utilization

TTA was able to satisfy all of the bank’s requirements for this training initiative by assembling a highly qualified team of TTA trainers to provide the best and most economical solution throughout the United States. To minimize travel costs, trainers with the required skill sets were identified near each branch where the training was to be delivered. The bank eliminated trainer down-time (increasing utilization to 100%) by only paying for the time the trainers were in front of the class. Travel costs were virtually eliminated because the trainers used were indigenous to each location. TTA also provided its comprehensive administrative services to manage the training program to a successful outcome. Scheduling of trainers, payment to trainers and acting as the control center for all administrative issues, freed the bank of many of these burdensome tasks.

Business Results

The success of the program so exceeded all financial and performance expectations and goals that the bank implemented the model as its modus operandi for delivering training a practice that continues to this day. As a result, the bank has reduced its training cost structure significantly and is now providing its employees with the exemplary training commensurate with its services.