Two Major Southeastern Universities

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Two major Southeastern universities, each with corporate training divisions, were trying to get technology programs off the ground. Both institutions employed salespeople who were adept at selling lower-level technical and non-technical classes, but not the technologies that were in high demand.

Business Problem

Losing Students to Competitive Schools Due to Limited Course Offerings

By relying solely on the limited instructional capabilities of their faculty instructors, both schools were faced with attrition in student enrollment due to the lack of high-demand technology course offerings. Hiring additional faculty was deemed to be impractical and very cost prohibitive due to the quantity of diverse technology courses it wanted to run and the subsequently large number of subject matter experts needed to instruct on the new offerings.

TTA Solution 

Outsource Instructors to Increase High-Demand Technology Course Offerings

TTA consultants recommended that both schools switch to an outsourcing model to be able to offer and run the high-demand technology courses needed to increase student enrollment. TTA began the process of searching for and qualifying local instructors and became the schools’ virtual bench of technical instructors — teaching vendor technologies such as Microsoft, Citrix, Java, and several others.

Business Results

Outsourcing instructors through a trainer staffing specialist enabled the universities to increase both the quantity and types of technology classes offered. Based on TTA’s unique knowledge of the training market and technology trends, TTA consultants were able to advise the universities’ sales staff of the “hot” technology classes they should offer, further increasing student enrollment and sales. In addition, TTA provided the required courseware which gave the salespeople an additional selling advantage over their competitors.