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Our client, a national full-service brokerage firm, with over 7,000 financial consultants and 700 offices worldwide, wanted to provide initial training and continuing professional development to its financial consultants and those in its call center. The diverse course curriculum and training delivery had to be consistent, of the highest quality and delivered on an ongoing basis. Phase one of the program was designed to bring everyone up to a pre-determined skill level and then additional courses would be delivered on an as needed basis depending on identified skill gaps.

Business Problem

Provide a Diverse, Ongoing Training Curriculum Worldwide

The diversity of courses needed for the program required senior trainers with specialized experience in financial services, and whose skills encompassed a wide variety of subjects in both IT and soft-skills. A few of the courses the client wanted developed included: proprietary financial systems, and professional development skills including presentations, selling, and time management. Additionally, trainers had to be proficient in the Series 7 broker certification exam which is required to buy and sell securities.

TTA Solution

Recruit, Qualify, and Assemble a Team of Multi-Skilled Trainer Consultants

In preparation for their future deployment, TTA assembled a team of trainers from throughout the U.S. to participate in a train-the-trainer event in order receive consistent training on the specific capabilities of the client’s products and services, as well as the nuances of its business. TTA project managers worked in conjunction with the client to develop a team of highly skilled, multifaceted trainers who could be available on demand whenever and wherever needed for any of the courses required. TTA cost-effectively satisfied all client requirements by selecting qualified instructors in close proximity to the training locations greatly minimizing travel expenses and affording the client 100% trainer utilization.

Business Results

Over the course of four years, TTA trainers delivered hundreds of successful courses to meet the diverse training needs of the brokerage firm. At times, the project has engaged as many as 20 trainers per week. By outsourcing the training delivery administration (recruiting, screening, qualifying, scheduling, reporting and billing of the trainers) to TTA, the brokerage firm was not only able to experience significant cost savings but more importantly, has allowed them to focus their efforts on their core competencies.