Fisher House Boston, a home away from home

Fisher House is a charity that TTA is very passionate about. Fisher House provides a place for military families to stay while their loved ones receive care.

donations for fisher houseFor the last several years TTA employees helped several specific families or conducted gift card drives to help support the Fisher House. This year the Fisher house informed us of a military family in their care that could benefit from some help. This 31-year-old veteran, a West Point Graduate, was diagnosed with an aggressive terminal brain cancer called glioblastoma multiform due to the direct exposure to the burn pits in Afghanistan. He has been in and out the hospital receiving treatments.

Although we can never repay these soldiers for all their sacrifices, TTA is thankful for the opportunity to help military families. The organization came together to coordinate a list of items for this family so they can have a special Christmas.

“Fisher house is an amazing organization and we are so thankful for these military women and men. We love knowing that our company can come together and truly make a difference for this family,” said Maria Melfa, President and CEO of TTA. “The Fisher House is always looking for more support so we will help others become aware of this incredible organization that works tirelessly to help well-deserved families.”

Giving back and social responsibility have always been part of the culture of TTA. TTA donates 5% of profits yearly to support many worthy charitable institutions.

The Fisher House Boston was the 46th house to be built. There are currently 71 Fisher Houses across the US and UK with more houses currently being designed or under construction. The Fisher House aspires to ease the burden for Veterans and their families during some of the most challenging times by being responsive and providing basic comfort needs to guest in a healing and supportive environment, going above and beyond what the VA provides. Any veteran or active military personnel, wartime or peacetime is entitled to the benefits provided through the Fisher House.