Webinar Download: How to Successfully Convert ILT to vILT or eLearning

How to convert ilt to vilt or elearningOn April 29, 2020 TTA held a webinar on how to successfully convert ILT to vILT or eLearning. In this webinar you will hear from leading industry experts and TTA partners from McKinnon-Mulherin, Ted Twinting and Synthia Clark, as they share creative and innovative approaches to converting ILT to other modalities to responsibly address our current situation as well as provide some long-term solutions.

    • How to quickly convert your training initiatives from ILT to vILT
    • Ways to leverage vILT and eLearning for onboarding, compliance, new product rollouts, and more
    • A checklist of reasons to convert your training
    • vILT and eLearning best practices in 2020