Amber is a Creative Content Marketing Specialist who works with the Marketing department to produce engaging social media content, blogs, videos, and animations for a wide variety of platforms.

Amber has previously worked as a television producer for the Diocese of Worcester, assisted in re-designing a website within the engineering industry, and recorded her own original three-part podcast series. Amber loves working in the L&D industry because of the opportunities to connect with other people and help them discover something new and exciting that they may not have already known about.

Amber’s favorite thing about her career is that it’s never the same from day to day. Marketing trends are always changing, which keeps things new and exciting for her. Amber would want to have teleportation powers because she would love to have the ability to travel anywhere in the world within the blink of an eye (and avoid traffic, too).

Amber lives at home with her parents and younger brother and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and trips to Ogunquit Beach.

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