Can a Tech Writer Help?

🕑 2 minutes read | Dec 14 2018 | By Becky Gendron

You may know a great writer, but do you know what makes a Tech Writer special? This blog answers two big questions – what they do, and how they can help.

A Technical Writer streamlines complex issues and language for easier comprehension.

Tech writers can:

1. Document

By capturing and sharing process details (such as complex training materials, instructional materials, reports, briefs, and policies Tech Writers can support your documentation and training initiatives.

2. Target and Simplify

By simplifying information for easy consumption, Tech Writers can make complex information relevant and useful for a targeted audience. From explaining internal procedures to implementation processes – when sharing expertise or skills, having a technical writer is inescapable.

3. Learn Quick, then Share

Proven by their flexibility to grasp a variety of subject matters (ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to the manufacturing industry. Tech Writers are quick learners. They can produce documentation in different systems and formats, or adapt as needed.] Need a visual? Some Tech Writers can present documentation with illustrations. A technical writer with a minimum base of graphic ability is more than useful.

4. Think Like Your Readers

A technical writer’s experience equips them with the capacity to view the finished documentation that they produce from the viewpoint of a user and learner. This is an asset, as they can make changes to the finished product to make it more clear, simplified, and user-friendly. Technical writers can draw upon the experience they have to create meaningful solutions and efficient results all from a user’s point of view.

These are just a few ways that Tech Writers can help your organization.

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