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UCT (Ultra Clean Technology) is a leader in complex systems integration. As a global corporation with over 4000 employees, UCT is dedicated to employee satisfaction and success. Each year, UCT employees are required to complete regulatory compliance training on ethics and code of conduct. Historically, the compliance training they offered was tedious and time consuming. Employees did not look forward to completing the long and outdated course. With this in mind, UCT made it a goal to develop a more efficient and enjoyable way for their employees to access and complete their mandatory compliance training.

Business Objectives

UCT’s legacy regulatory compliance training was approximately one-hour long. UCT’s HR and Compliance departments observed that employees were not engaging with the original course content. In fact, as trainers scanned the audience they saw many people on their cell phones. The magnitude of the lack of employee engagement was highlighted during the audit process. While conducting a random post-training poll, UCT’s HR and Compliance executives found that employees weren’t able to answer important compliance-related questions. There was much room for improvement.

Additionally, UCT needed to have reporting in place on an as needed basis including completion and employee retention. To pull their existing reports was a time-consuming manual process making it difficult to develop pertinent reports. Typically, UCT had to deliver these reports for, on average, 20 audits per year. The current process posed a significant challenge at audit time, as important compliance reports were not easily accessible.

Finally, UCT’s current compliance training was very US focused and did not provide proper coverage outside of the US. The internal trainers delivered the compliance training in the US and would send US-based HR representatives to train in offshore locations.

UCT was spending a significant amount of money and time internally delivering the training globally. Travel outside of the US was costly and affected productivity.

UCT realized they had to find another way to improve the effectiveness, and accurately report their compliance training. UCT partnered with TTA and together they collaborated on a solution to address these challenges.

TTA Solution

After an in-depth inquiry with UCT’s HR and Compliance department discovering their pain points, TTA developed a strategy that transformed UCTâ’s compliance training. An experienced Instructional Designer (ID) was vetted and deployed to UCT. The ID collaborated with UCT’s team, reviewed the original training content, and transformed it into meaningful and engaging content that would aid in engagement for their employees.

As part of the solution, TTA’s expert ID took the new content and built out an eLearning solution to address UCT’s additional complex challenges. The initial build of the eLearning took four months and the translation for their global locations took another two months. TTA’s strategic rollout involved content curation, transfer of the slides to the eLearning authoring tool, as well as review processes and editing. TTA’s eLearning solution allowed for more accessibility to the training, being compatible with multiple different forms of technology, including smart phones. The end result was a customized, interactive 20-minute eLearning, with impactful knowledge checks throughout for measuring learner retention.

Business Results

Connecting with TTA to partner in a solution that revitalized UCT’s compliance training has led to measurable results for UCT.

  • With the new solution, employee time commitment decreased by over 50%. The training now only required 20 minutes of employee time during the workday.
  • The reduced time commitment has resulted in the company gaining back over 1,400 hours of productive work time. (A cost savings equivalent to more than six months of an average paid full-time employee.)
  • Having standard translation of the content ensures that the correct translation occurs – eliminates “close enough” translations that could reduce understanding of compliance requirements.

Other rewarding benefits of the new training approach are:

  • The eLearning has provided a much less disruptive solution. The employees are able to take it on their phones or other forms of technology making the course much more assessible. For example, previously, the production workers would have had to cease production to make sure it was completed.
  • Reporting can now be generated through the eLearning platform. There are no longer paper trails that are not readily available for an audit, or any other vital needs.
  • The eLearning has further increased learner engagement, now offered in all necessary local languages for UCT’s global locations.
  • UCT has also noticed, since the transition to eLearning, increased employee engagement with the whistleblower hotline. A hotline, whose purpose, before the training, was barely understood by most employees.

Nicole Noga, head of UCT’s Compliance department, stated, my version of success was the fact that people were actually stopping me in the hallways and asking me questions about what was in the training. This was validation that employees were finally retaining information and grasping the subject at hand. Ms. Noga was delighted when she heard employee reactions stating, that was the first time they ever knew that’s what that meant. Going from employees distracted and unfocused during the PowerPoint to engaged, asking questions, and learning was a huge success for the company. One of the biggest wins for us is just the fact that what was most important was the understanding of the content and that’s where I feel like we really got the boost¦ that was really lacking in the past. said Ms. Noga. After partnering with TTA, UCTs compliance training objective has been met. Compliance training is now a more efficient and successful task for the employees and the Compliance department at UCT.