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Our client, a U.S. Federal Department, charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government relating to national security and the U.S. armed forces, has provided commissary services for military personnel throughout the world for many decades. Their mission is to provide an efficient and effective worldwide system of commissaries for the resale of groceries and household supplies to members of the military services, their families, and other authorized patrons. In an effort to modernize these facilities and increase operational efficiencies and productivity, the department decided to replace the existing checkout areas with new point of sale systems.

Business Problem

Train Employees at 280 Commissaries Worldwide

After careful analysis, the department realized that it faced one major logistical challenge: how to train the clerks at each of its 280 commissaries located throughout the world without the experienced trainers on staff. It was determined that the training initiative would require a total of 64 trainers to implement the new POS system in the desired time frame. Due to the stringent trainer specifications the department had laid out, outlining the required skills and characteristics of qualified trainers (e.g. technically competent, proficient in learning methodologies, able to commit to a one year contract, and willingness and availability to travel), they recognized that finding 64 trainers who met all of these requirements would be a daunting task for them especially in the time frame expected.

TTA Solutions

TTA Trainers Deliver Training in Five Days

Using our advanced, proprietary recruiting technology, our internal consultants quickly and accurately identified qualified instructors for the department’s requirements greatly reducing time to training and putting the department ahead of schedule from the onset. Working in teams of five, TTA trainers worked closely with the hardware and software installation teams to ensure the success of the roll out. Prior to the physical installation of the equipment, the trainers monitored and evaluated the results of the online instruction and then provided classroom and hands-on training. When the system went live, the trainers were available to assist and support clerk trainees wherever needed. Each installation was successfully completed in five days.

Business Results

In the span of one year, the federal department upgraded the point of sale systems at each of its commissaries around the world, and successfully trained the clerks on the utilization of the new equipment. Because TTA handled this training initiative efficiently, economically, and with such a high degree of proficiency, the department was able to realize the desired improvements to its commissary operations immediately.