vILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training)


Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) combines the best of instructor-led training with the convenience and flexibility of an on-demand learning format. VILT allows employees, across multiple locations, remotely, or in one area, to attend a virtual classroom training session. Additionally, training sessions can also be recorded to allow other employees to watch at a later time.

With TTA, you can leverage our 25+ years of experience and our dedicated global workforce of Learning and Development professionals to deploy virtual learning that aligns with your learning goals. Our learning professionals can help you design and develop new content or optimize existing content to improve your employees learning experience. Explore the six main benefits of TTA’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training:

Benefits of TTA’s VILT

  • Reduced Cost. TTA’s VILT is cost effective as it delivers the same high-quality, customized training as traditional instructor-led training without the travel or logistics costs.
  • Accessible. TTA trainers are experienced in delivering virtual training sessions for your geographically scattered employees or for one location. TTA’s virtual classrooms are accessible to anyone who has a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Virtual Delivery Platform. TTA can host your virtual classroom on our virtual platform, ZOOM, or we can leverage your company’s existing platform.
  • Adaptive. TTA trainers provide an adaptive, effective, and continuous learning model that focuses on application, reflection, and reinforcement of new knowledge and skills over time.
  • Real-Time Support. You will have live interaction with TTA’s trainers for real-time support and feedback.
  • Record Sessions. In most cases you will have the option to record sessions for playback at another time – great for learners that couldn’t attend and/or reinforcement.

Interested in learning more? Download our research report, “What Learners Want: Strategies for Training Delivery.”

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