vILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training)


Effectively Conduct Training in a Virtual Environment

TTA’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) solutions combines the best of instructor-led training with the convenience and flexibility of an on-demand learning format allowing employees, across multiple locations to attend the same training session.


vILT Benefits

With our devoted workforce of L&D professionals, TTA can customize and deliver a cost-effective virtual instructor-led training in your organization that is able to reach and engage all learners. Deploying vILT in your organization provides numerous benefits including:

  • Reduced Cost: vILT is cost effective as it delivers the same high-quality, customized training as traditional instructor-led training without the travel or logistics costs.
  • Consistency: Builds consistency by communicating the same messaging throughout the organization, to employees in any location.
  • Accessible: Virtual classrooms are accessible to anyone who has a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Flexibility: Recorded sessions ensure content can be accessed on-demand at anytime, anywhere and can be used for learner reinforcement.

When implementing vILT in your organization, there are several key considerations you should make to ensure the program is effective.

vilt platform


Choosing the right platform will recreate the classroom experience, resulting in an engaging learner experience.

Select a platform that fits your organization’s training needs, allows for collaboration, and is easy for both the instructor and learner to use.

vilt content

Design The Right Content

Develop a strategy when converting instructor-led training materials to a virtual format.

Content should be designed to be highly interactive, check for knowledge reinforcement and, engaging tools such as polls, quizzes, and virtual chats.

vilt support

Virtual Classroom Support

Ensure you have trained the essential personnel and have support readily available when conducting a virtual training session.

vILT requires a greater understanding of technology and virtual delivery.  Session producers allow the training facilitator to focus on the delivery of the training resulting in a more engaging learner experience.

virtual instructor

The Right Instructors

Selecting the right instructors is crucial for the success of your virtual training. In addition to being subject matter experts, your instructors should be tech savvy and knowledgeable of the training platform and its tools.

Instructors should also be able to effectively communicate, keep the audience engaged and have experience delivering in a virtual environment.

Whether you are looking to create a new training program or convert an existing instructor-led training program to a virtual format, you can trust TTA to strategically develop and deliver an innovative and effective virtual training solution that aligns with your organizations training goals. Contact TTA today to learn more.

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