vILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training)


Powerful Virtual Instructor-Led Training Classrooms

Training programs that are long and one-sided and lack excitement and engagement are not beneficial to anyone in your organization. Despite a perceived lack of time, budget, or classroom setting, your organization shouldn’t be swayed from acquiring top-notch training and delivery. vILT, or virtual instructor-led training, provides a practical and efficient learning strategy solution with the additional added convenience and flexibility benefits. This comprehensive online learning experience allows for employees across multiple locations to attend the same virtual classroom training session. If necessary, training sessions can also be recorded for other employees to watch at a later time.

With TTA’s engaging vILT your organization can take advantage of the cost-saving and logistical benefits. Keeping employees engaged in an interactive environment is crucial for learners. Your organization can reap the benefits of being led by an instructor without the traditional classroom setting – anytime, anywhere.

TTA’s vILT Offers Numerous Organizational Benefits Including:
  • The ability to train geographically scattered employees with custom developed virtual training courses
  • Live interaction with TTA (SMEs) Subject Matter Experts with real-time feedback on training performance
  • Reduced length of training sessions which helps increase retention of the training material
  • By utilizing vILT you will incur no travel time or expenses
  • Increased productivity and learner inclusion
  • Breakout rooms

vILT is a cost-effective corporate learning benefit that provides numerous advantages – all without sacrificing many of the ILT advantages. Your organization will receive efficient scalable training that has tremendous value. Still not convinced? Reach out today to hear more about TTA’s vILT offerings.

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