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TTA’s White Papers Shed Light On Our Complex Provided Solutions

Learn how offering a consistent training approach can benefit your organization with learners who are:

  • Better motivated to improve themselves through company offered training
  • More satisfied with their jobs
  • Have a greater appreciation and positive regard for their company’s professional development opportunities

Training Evolution: The Current and Future States of Corporate Learning Modalities

Download this white paper to understand use cases, success stories, and challenges related to a variety of learning modalities.

Key findings include:

  • Which learning modalities are favored over others
  • Primary use cases for the nine most popular learning modalities
  • Which modalities provide the best knowledge transfer, learner engagement, and accessibility
  • Common learning modality challenges

Sourcing Training Solutions: Best Practices for the Best Partnerships

Organizations have been increasingly relying on external training solution providers to augment in-house capabilities over the past several decades.

Download our white paper to learn:

  • What are the determining factors for outsourcing learning and development (L&D) talent and services?
  • What are external providers being brought in to do?
  • How are organizations making decisions about when to leverage external training solutions?

Leaders As Teachers

Business and learning leaders alike expect great things from
leaders-as-teachers (LAT) programs.

Many organizations leverage their leaders as teachers. Unfortunately, most of those companies struggle to gain traction and truly profit from the time and effort leaders invest in teaching. High levels of effectiveness are only happening in about one in five organizations using the LAT approach.

Sponsored by The Training Associates, read the research paper to learn more about LAT programs.

Staff and Contract Instructors: Costs, Comparisons, and Considerations for Strategic Decision Making

What’s the Best Strategy for Securing Training Talent? This white paper provides a thoughtful and objective analysis of three distinct options for securing Learning and Development professionals: Adding staff, using Learning and Development contractors, and outsourcing to a specialized provider of L&D talent – and the impact each one has on productivity and profitability.

This white paper is a must-read for executives and managers in charge of employee, customer or channel training.