Women Leaders Make for A Better Workplace

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Woman Leader

TTA was honored and thrilled last year when we won the coveted ‘Boston Globe Top Places to Work’ award which recognizes the most admired workplaces in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts voted upon by their own employees. Anyone who has walked through the office at TTA’s Westborough headquarters can speak to the happy, energetic and positive environment it emanates. A recent article published by The Boston Globe got us thinking…is it far-fetched to believe that TTA being one of the best places to work could correlate with the fact that we have a female leader? Perhaps not. Research shows that many of the dominant traits of woman including empathy and communication skills are the also the same list of traits that make a great natural leader.

In a recent Peakon study conducted with nearly 60,000 workers in 43 countries, both women and men report higher job satisfaction at women-led companies when compared to male-led companies. The survey discovered that both men and women working for a women-led organization:

  • Feel more confident in their employers’ overall goals and strategies
  • Find communication to be more effective
  • The organization’s mission is more clearly defined
  • There is an overall greater belief in the organization’s product or service
  • There is more autonomy, flexible work schedules, and less micromanagement

These were among the same questions TTA’s employees were asked when completing the ‘Top Places to Work’ survey, so we can’t help but tie the two together. John Laverdure, 12-year employee at TTA shared his thoughts in a recent Boston Globe article. John shared that since his time at TTA, with CEO, Maria Melfa leading the organization, he has noticed improved morale and an increased sense of appreciation of employees.

Having a female leader has positively impacted TTA, but also benefits many other organizations as well. Some of the key benefits of women in leadership include the competitive advantage of emotional intelligence, better problem solving, and a stronger sense of trust within organizations. With their unique combination of soft skills and strategy, women have the skills to be an invaluable addition to any organization.

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