A single learning approach typically does not work well for every individual, or for every company. Many companies have sought alternative methods that combine the flexibility of online learning with a broad range of more traditional learning methodologies such as Instructor-led Training (ILT).

The Training Associates (TTA) offers a variety of learning modalities to support the diverse needs of learners and their organizations.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

According to a 2015 research study conducted by The Training Associates and Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) remains the primary learning modality — used by 88% of companies.

TTA has been deploying subject matter expert instructors, in any number, for clients’ on-site training for over 20 years. Instruction is typically provided in a lecture format or classroom setting.  ILT allows for increased knowledge transfer, real-time feedback, questions and answers, and hands-on labs.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

We recognize that students can’t always make it to a classroom, so we have leveraged the latest virtual technologies to extend the classroom to our clients.  Through the utilization of best technical products and services, we can provide a near-classroom experience, remotely, to your own venue. Virtual Instructor-Led Training is the next best thing to ILT in terms of knowledge transfer.

e-Learning / Web-based Training (WBT)

To meet the challenges and hectic schedules of twenty-first century students and the business objectives of our customers, TTA has extended its expertise in instructor-led training to today’s technology-driven learning environment. E-learning — having access to anywhere, any time instruction delivered over the internet or corporate intranet — provides the flexibility organizations need to meet the challenges associated with traditional learning.

We partner with several Learning Management Systems (LMS) providers to create a complete e-Learning solution for your company and employees — ensuring your learning investment will have a positive impact on your ability to successfully execute your organization’s business strategy and improve overall performance.


Implementing an effective gamification strategy can transform an otherwise mundane subject into a fun, competitive, and rewarding experience — turning students into players or “continual learners” and improving overall knowledge transfer and retention.
TTA has a vast network of instructional design and training delivery experts who are well-versed in gamification techniques and applications and available to assist your organization in designing and implementing a winning gamification strategy to support your company’s business objectives.

Blended Learning

Our blended learning solutions combine the best features of e-Learning and ILT and are a cost-effective choice for employers to maximize the performance of their staff.

TTA’s blended learning solutions go beyond simply mixing training delivery modalities.  Our blended learning solutions include a mix of ILT (delivered by a TTA subject matter expert trainer in a synchronous or asynchronous (self-paced), learning delivery format) and web technologies, and may include follow-up coaching to ensure participants retain and apply the knowledge and skills delivered during the learning process.

Mentored Learning

TTA’s mentored learning programs are designed to aid and sustain students participating in a self-paced learning environment.  This approach provides access to a live subject matter expert who can answer students’ questions and provide feedback and support.

Desk-side Coaching

Desk-side coaching provides one-on-one instruction with a subject matter expert trainer at the student’s desk/workstation.  This format is particularly effective in reinforcing learning obtained in a large classroom environment, or to augment self-directed learning and professional growth.


Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in manageable, bite-sized chunks. It helps quickly close knowledge and skill gaps by focusing on specific tasks or concepts. With millennials entering the workforce in greater numbers, and the attention span of the millennial generation estimated at approximately 90 seconds, it’s no wonder why microlearning has quickly become an important element to many organizations’  learning strategy.

The Training Associates is on the cutting-edge of microlearning. We’ve helped many clients develop microlearning content for video, mobile technologies, and e-Learning.  Contact us to learn more.

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning (mLearning) is gaining popularity due to the prevalence of mobile devices combined with limited availability for employees to attend formal classroom training.  It offers greater accessibility, higher retention rates, and the ability for greater collaboration.

TTA’s instructional designers bring the worlds of technology, content, and design together to meet the physical properties of mobile devices as part of a blended learning approach with e-Learning, ILT, or vILT, but also as a standalone modality for short chunks of just-in-time knowledge, job aids and tips.  Start creating engaging mLearning user experiences with the help of TTA.

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