• Expert Trainer
  • Instructional Designer


  • Identified a high-energy expert learning and development consultant with experiencing designing and facilitating behavior-based sales, coaching, and leadership training — to influence the critical change in organizational behavior needed
  • Consulted with the council and conducted a needs assessment and utilized evaluation
  • Designed and developed a tailored professional development training program to develop leaders into enablers of change
  • Trained using content from The Five Dysfunctions of a Team to help create awareness of issues that we contributed to the council problems’
  • Consulted with the council and conducted a needs assessment and utilized evaluation tools  
  • Provided post-training coaching to help reinforce the new skills
  • Utilized leadership development tools including open discussion forums, monthly leadership development book club, and role-playing activities
  • Offered professional communication training classes and supporting coaching sessions to managers
  • Used strengths finder assessment tool to analyze team strengths


  • Established a formal professional development training program to be used to nurture the growth and increased retention rates of employees
  • Delivered a phased communication and sales training plan to guide employees at all levels of the organization to support the new GSUSA national sales strategy
  • Transformed their culture to one of empowerment based on new company expectations, standards, and training
  • Decreased employee turnover by 22%
  • Increased annual membership renewals and membership retention each by 10%
  • Won the 2017 Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Learning Excellence
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