• 250 expert trainers (selected from over 1,200 training professionals in 4 weeks) for phase I training​
  • 500 expert trainers (selected from over 2,200 training professionals) for phase II training​
  • 1 Program Manager​
  • 1 Project Manager


  • Delivered ILT & coaching to 12,000 financial advisors and support staff, over 9 months​
  • Provided training to another 14,000 employees, over 6 months​
  • Participated in a 2-week Train-the-Trainer program​
  • Offered training delivery management and flawless deployment of 750+ training resources


  • Trained 26,000 employees on schedule ​
  • Exceeded training goal by achieving 90% training completion rates from branches prior to system conversion​
  • Ensured complete employee readiness for the new technology, policies, and procedures with no impact on revenue​
  • Attained retention of staff and key financial advisors
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