• 18 Subject Matter Experts​
  • 15 Expert Trainers​
  • 1 Project Manager​
  • 1 Learning Strategist


  • Provided full program development, including virtual labs​
  • Delivered global trainers, program management, and logistics for local delivery
  • Converted training content to be delivered virtually​
  • Supported learning labs in two different international locations


  • Successfully created a leadership academy and new learning system that is team-oriented and fosters a culture of collaboration​
  • Increase in confidence levels of management staff from 45% at the beginning of the program to 70% ​
  • Improved program attendance from 50 learners at the initial pilot to 200 for the first full deployment​
  • Design a learning system that was accessible for learners of varied age groups, skill levels, and management styles​
  • Won the 2018 Brandon Hall Silver Award for Leadership Development
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