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mental toughness coaching

From Gutter to Gold Medals

In this energetic 60-minute virtual workshop, Laura Eiman (a 67-year-old gold medal Olympic weightlifter, a Navy SEAL certified mental toughness coach, and a successful entrepreneur endorsed by Oprah, Barbara Walters, Rachael Ray, Kathi Lee, and Hoda) will share how she changed her life around. After decades of dysfunction, at 48 years old Laura started studying the mindset of the Navy SEALs. After applying what she learned from the SEALs to her own life, Laura developed a mental toughness mindset. With her new mindset, Laura began training to be an Olympic weightlifter at the age of 64. Practicing her mental toughness program, Laura became a champion going on to win a gold medal at the Pan Am Games. Learn more and register.