Culture Is Key to TTA’s Success

Creating a culture where employees can flourish is a core value of TTA. We want our employees to love coming to work.

Boston-Globe-Top-Places-to-WorkEach day we strive to have a culture that promotes just that. TTA believes that employees operate their best when they are engaged, appreciated, and happy. We believe in creating a work environment where people thrive.

Our culture is multi-faceted. Everything is done for people to feel motivated and appreciated, and to fully contribute so that we deliver excellent service to our clients. Maria Melfa, TTA’s President and CEO, has made it her mission to create a culture-centric organization.

We work hard and have fun at the same time. We believe in collaboration and helping each other. We appreciate people’s strengths, and know what those are from our CliftonStrengthfinder results.

Our casual dress code and open floor plan create a collaborative environment that is also fun! Our flexible work schedule option allows employees to be successful in their career without sacrificing other areas of their lives.

Here Are Just a Few of the Ways TTA Has Fun:
  • Holiday parties
  • Massage therapists that visit for certain events
  • Summer barbeques and parties
  • Company lunches and breakfasts
  • Food and ice cream trucks visiting the office
  • Apple picking expeditions
  • Bowling outings
  • Team building activities
  • Cooking classes
  • Bring your kids to work day
  • Fun Days – yes, in addition to vacation, TTA employees get to enjoy 5 Fun Days during the year, which they can take one at a time, without pre-planning, to, you guessed it, have fun

At TTA, we believe that you can run a results-driven organization while also having fun, and this shines through in our corporate culture.