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Staff Augmentation

It’s no secret that using on-demand training talent is a powerful strategy to get work done. That’s why over 90% of companies use staff augmentation and 76% plan to increase the use of freelancers to give them the additional expertise, flexibility, and resources needed, according to a Toptal global survey.

Talent shortages and a desire for companies to be nimble and more competitive have shifted hiring methods away from strictly traditional employment to hybrid workforces made up of employees and independent contractors. Outsourcing training talent gives companies a distinct advantage to use a blended workforce in a strategic way. It provides them the ability to scale up and down as their business ebbs and flows, and to tap into an expert talent pool of skilled professionals to precisely match what they need.

You may think it’s complicated, but we’ll show you the benefits of staff augmentation and how easy it is to use outsourced learning and development (L&D) talent to operate with speed and agility.

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The Value of Outsourced Training Talent

Companies rely on highly skilled independent professionals to give them the speed, flexibility, and agility needed to compete more effectively in the market.

Climate Change

With the rising job openings, failure to adopt a new strategy for hiring could have devastating consequences, like employee burnout, high attrition rates, unskilled employees, loss in revenue, and deterioration of company culture—resulting in even more vacancies. This could easily spiral out of control until organizations are paralyzed by a staffing crisis.

Because these employees are covering for other positions or stretched to workload capacity, it’s difficult to meet their expected goals, impairing their ability to advance and grow. Burnout paired with failure to advance in careers will inevitably lead to productivity issues and turnover.

The good news is a recent LinkedIn poll asked business leaders to prioritize growing their businesses or developing their employees. Nurturing their teams won. Holding onto and attracting new high-performing employees is a top priority for most companies.

On-demand talent can help.

When to Use

On-Demand Talent

Unable to meet project deadlines with your current team
additional work
Additional talent is needed, but there isn’t enough work for a full-time position
additional talent
A project requires a skillset and experience that your team doesn’t currently possess
You need to bring on learning talent faster than direct hiring would allow
additional talent
Additional talent is required, but your organization isn’t increasing headcount
non linear growth
To support non-linear business growth and meet fluctuations in business demands
Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation Talent as a Service

Training outsourcing partners can be a tremendous asset to making talent as a service available to companies looking to take strategic advantage of the on-demand talent model.


Ten Advantages of

Staff Augmentation

  • Access to talent with broad skill sets
  • Reduce fixed overhead costs
  • On-demand talent aligned with your business peaks and flows
  • Drive innovation with a broader perspective
  • Free up resources to focus on core business.
  • A wide range of services available
  • Get things done quickly and more efficiently
  • Reduce burnout from employee overload
  • Gain industry best practices
  • Helps business acceleration
staff augmentation
What is Staff Augmentation?

Using Training Talent On-Demand

Staff augmentation is the use of contract professionals on a temporary basis to respond to business needs. The freelance or contract talent fill the skills gaps or increase capacity to meet demand. It’s a strategic way for companies to bring in specialized contract professionals quickly, as needed, without the added cost of a full-time employee.

Gig work, freelancing, contract work, independent contractor, and self-employment are all terms we use to describe on-demand talent. Top freelance fields include training, accounting, marketing, and customer service. For example, in the L&D industry, training projects are typically short-term or temporary in nature, allowing employers to hire outsourced talent that specialize in a specific subject area so employers can utilize on-demand models of training with expert-level contractors.

Using outsourced training talent brings highly qualified independent contractors within reach. These individuals are experienced, subject matter experts in their fields. They bring an ability to quickly onboard in a variety of environments like project-based, short-term, and ongoing contracts, giving organizations the ability to tap into L&D talent that already have the skills that they need, saving time and investment. These training partners have a passion for providing successful training solutions and often have the expertise and bandwidth to tackle global and multilingual programs. Even when full-time talent is available, it’s not always the best option for the project. On-demand talent keeps organizations nimble, allowing them to allocate resources to projects that need it, without wasting time and resources when they don’t.

Learning and development projects can be short-term, temporary, and long-term as companies navigate acquisitions, product launches, upskilling and reskilling, industry certifications, and many other circumstances. Additionally, each situation may require a completely different skill set. Think about the type of trainer needed for a new software rollout versus one for safety certification. When training and development needs are broad but highly specialized, outsourcing training partners can provide the right trainers at the right time.

Talent as a Service

Learning Outsourcing Solutions

TTA makes it simple to use outsourced learning and development talent for any sized learning project or training topic. With a network of over 23,000 learning and development experts, we have on-demand talent with a variety of skill sets, the capacity to hit the ground running, and the experience to make an impact.

Download our Talent as a Service brochure to learn the benefits of outsourcing training talent and how easy it is to begin.

Training Talent as a service cover

Independent contractors are the best experts in their field. They bring years of experience without having to pay for their experience.


The Importance of Corporate Training

Having a strong training and development plan is essential in every organization. It is important for safety, productivity, performance, recruiting, and to promote a thriving culture. Understanding the importance of training, and the risk of not doing it, is imperative.

Millennials consider learning and development to be one of the most important components when considering a new job. Lack of training could cause your company to miss out on top recruits and decrease retention.

Training has a positive impact on nearly every aspect of your organization. In fact, 59% of workers associate professional development with a superior company culture. The benefits of employee training go beyond job-related functionality. Corporate training programs can improve mental health, develop emerging leaders, reduce conflict, and so much more.

A Full Spectrum of

Learning and Development Roles

Learning programs are at the core of a company culture, job satisfaction, and productivity. Addressing the learning needs of employees requires experts to assess needs, design instruction, and deliver training. There are many different L&D roles you can take advantage of in an outsourced training program.


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A training partner identifies training needs, creates a learning plan to reskill and upskill staff, and provides experts to deliver quality training to keep your company competitive, productive, safe, and satisfied to retain staff.

Training Outsourcing

Helps with Critical Initiatives

Staff Augmentation

Training Partners Offer a Scalable Workforce

Choosing a training partner that provides learning and development experts in an on-demand talent model gives companies the flexibility and expertise they need to train employees without the investment of a full-time staff that still may not have the talent or bandwidth needed to meet all training demands.

Blog: 3 Tips to Give you Confidence When Selecting a Training Partner for Talent Outsourcing

3 Top Reasons

Companies Outsource

Reason 1
Need specialties beyond their in-house capabilities

Reason 2
Manage initiatives larger than they can handle

Reason 3
Lack internal staff

Reskilling and Upskilling

Requires an Agile Team

When organizations perform short and long-term business planning, rarely can those goals be achieved without reskilling or upskilling employees. Ideally, businesses will incorporate learning and development strategies into business plans to accommodate the resources necessary to develop employees, preparing them to contribute to the organization’s success. Agile talent can help train your organization on the relevant topics needed.


What Clients Say About

Outsourcing Talent

“We were looking to provide an expanded instructor bench quickly, to provide our world-class training with world-class instructors. TTA helped us design a template for us using very specific and focused scoping questions to help find exactly who we were looking for from the start. Not only was the process quick and easy, they brought us amazing talent to help ensure we didn’t lose quality and are still able to provide the best for our customers. Working with TTA is simply, simple. We have formed a great partnership with TTA and look forward to that continued partnership.”

Jeff J.

Senior Manager, Education Delivery


“TTA came to our aide during a time when we were in need. The trainers fulfilled a wide variety of classes for us and were knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. Working with the TTA team was streamlined and easy, and we are grateful for our continued partnership!”

Emma W.

Director of Operations


“Working with TTA is so easy! We were candid and up front with our expectations, the skills needed, and the deliverables we expected – they did not disappoint! There are constant checkpoints to ensure everything is running smoothly and input from our instructional designers is gathered. We want them to feel like part of a team and know they are valued. TTA manages the business aspects and the relationships to ensure they are recognized as people and an important extension of our team.

Mindi G.

Adoption Director, Learning


“Partnering with TTA has enabled us to offer customized and effectively timed skill-development training across our entire organization. Their support and collaboration have made this Learning & Development goal easier (and faster) to operationalize and as a bonus, we’ve developed genuine relationships with not just TTA but their facilitators as well.”

Devra S. Team Lead, Learning & Growth

Senior Specialist, Learning & Growth


“As a team of one, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish nearly as much without TTA! They helped in so many ways, from developing instructor-led courses, conducting onsite facilitation, and transforming a program that was 15 binders of paper into an eLearning series. I appreciate how easy they are to work with and how invested they are in my projects.”

Carolyn W.

Development and Training Manager

Madison Gas & Electric

“Recruiting and hiring full-time, salaried employees can be challenging and time-consuming. TTA has a positive track record in recruiting excellent candidates that match my needs. In addition, working with TTA gives me the flexibility to quickly onboard contractors to meet the needs of my business during peak times. Working with TTA simplifies the procurement and billing process as well. Over the years, I have found TTA to be a strong partner and I will continue to work with TTA to meet my business needs.”

Amanda R.

Director, Educational Consulting and Training


“Thank you TTA for making my job easier, and helping both me and my team reach our time and quality goals. The TTA team was so professional, kind, and helpful in sourcing contract talent to fit my project needs. As projects changed, the TTA team assisted with pivots and fully supporting my L&D needs. TTA is the first company I will contact for future contract L&D talent.”

Susan K.

Director, Learning & Development

Acceptance Insurance

Outsourcing L&D Talent

A few of our Clients' Success Stories


Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney merged to form the largest wealth management firm. They had to train over 16,000 financial advisors, 8,600 client service associates, and 1,600 managers.

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Looking to diversify their workforce, Akamai partnered with TTA on the Akamai Technical Academy, which provides opportunities for people to pursue a technical career without coming from a traditional technical background.

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Nationally, GSUSA was implementing a major organizational sales transformation. However, first they needed to address the dysfunctions of the team that permeated throughout the council.

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Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) needed an innovative, fun, informative, and engaging solution to transform their onboarding program and better prepare social workers for their new roles.

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Sound needed to implement a culture change and develop the coaching skills of 40+ sales managers and leaders that are essential to impact employee performance, employee engagement, and sales.

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Unum recognized the need to evolve their manager training program and they were at risk of losing staff. They needed a training partner that could equip 1,200 managers with the skills to lead their company toward a collaborative future.

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CITGO needed to roll out a new professional development curriculum program to employees across four US locations. With a small full-time training staff, they did not have the resources to deliver the training to hundreds of employees.

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HP engaged Accenture to develop a new sales training curriculum for a 5-year sales training program. This program needed to be delivered to over 4,700 learners in 48 different countries and in 13 languages.

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Industry Recognition for Training Outsourcing

L&D Talent Outsourcing Experts

TTA Awards TTA Awards

Leaders Work with Training Partners


To get the quality, efficiency, and reach of training they cannot get from their team alone

Reasons to Partner

With a Training Provider

A new mindset in sourcing talent will help organizations rethink the way they tap into the knowledge they need. The rise in independent contracting offers many benefits to businesses. Freedom from headcount constraints and access to expert-level knowledge are just two of the reasons why using outsourced talent can make organizations more agile and competitive.

Choosing the best outsourced training partner will result in an accelerated speed of learning and improved learner engagement. Training partners should have access to highly qualified learning strategists, instructional designers, and trainers with strong industry knowledge and subject matter expertise. Consider a long-term strategy for on-demand access to expertly vetted training talent. The ability to easily request professional L&D talent with a particular subject matter expertise and industry knowledge, eliminates the need to search for a new contractor for each project.

3 Must Haves When Choosing a Training Company
Staff Augmentation
Quickly Build Amazing Teams

Find Top-Tier L&D Talent The Way You Want

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Help You

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Know How to Choose

A Training Partner

    • Has the quality resources and subject expertise
    • Can be trusted to deliver solutions
    • Has the ability to customize training solutions
    • Fits with your company culture and values


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