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Our Brand Identity

As CEO of TTA, I am always focused on making sure that our people and our culture are engaged, responsive, and have an open mindset. Ultimately, I have come to learn that leadership is about effectively driving change, and keeping people inspired, while you are at it. To be effective, we must ensure that everyone in our organization, as well as our client organizations, knows the why behind our actions and the impetus for change.  Being agile and transformational is critical to the way we work and grow TTA. We apply this same mindset to help our clients achieve their desired changes and results.

As we are closing in on the 25th anniversary of TTA’s founding, we are unveiling our new visual identity that reflects how we are transforming ourselves and the transformational work we do. Ultimately, we are driving change and TTA’s new logo symbolizes that.

We would not be turning 25 without the dedication and support of our employees and clients, and for that we truly Thank You!

With appreciation,