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Why Should I Incorporate?

Uncertain about whether or not to incorporate your business? This short video highlights the benefits of incorporation or forming an LLC for your business.

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10 Steps to Starting a Business

If you’re embarking on a new business venture and unsure of where to begin, take a look at these 10 essential steps for launching a business.

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what is a llc

What is an LLC?

Are you trying to decide what type of business to form? In this short video, you will discover the advantages of forming an LLC and why it is a popular business entity for many entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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Why Should I Incorporate?

Incorporating your business can increase your credibility by establishing it as a separate legal entity. This can attract investors and is a sign of dedication and commitment to long-term stability. Learn more about how incorporating your business builds credibility and can drive success in this short video.

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Why Should I Incorporate?
Personal Asset Protection

In this short video, you will learn how incorporating your business provides personal asset protection by legally separating your personal finances from the business’s liabilities, reducing the risk of personal losses in the event of legal disputes or financial difficulties.

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We’re committed to providing you with meaningful opportunities that foster growth and connection. Growth is at the core of everything we do, and we are excited to offer professional development opportunities to help you develop skills and remain competitive in today’s marketplace.  In our webinars, workshops, and other course we provide insights and knowledge on the hottest soft skills, technical skills, and business topics.

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We’re focused on providing ongoing and relevant professional development classes to our talent community. Do you have any soft skills or technical topics you’d enjoy teaching or presenting in a brief webinar? We’re seeking fresh ideas for both comprehensive sessions and casual “lunch and learns.” There’s nothing more rewarding than sharing your expertise with your peers in the L&D field!

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Do you have an insightful story to share with other learning and development professionals? We are always looking for innovators and experts in the L&D space with compelling stories to share. If you are interested in being a guest on, “Bring Out The Talent, a Learning and Development Podcast” we would love to hear from you.

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Leadership Burnout:

Self-Care for Worn Out Leader

Did you know that a staggering 60% of leaders experience burnout by the end of each day? Another study revealed that an astonishing 87% of leaders reported regularly switching between three or more roles throughout their workday.

In this episode of 'Bring Out the Talent,' we are joined by Dr. Allessandria Polizzi, CEO, and owner of Verdant Consulting, to better understand the importance of self-care for leaders. With her extensive expertise, Al shares valuable strategies that leaders can implement to enhance their overall well-being, effectively manage stress, and maintain resilience in the face of challenges.

Tune in as we discuss this very important topic and learn strategies on how to prioritize our mental and physical well-being with Dr. Allessandria Polizzi.

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