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StrengthsFinder Coach
November 2, 2021  | By

Identifying Your Natural Talents: A Conversation with A CliftonStrengths Finders Coach

A dive into the strengths-based philosophy utilizing Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment with Pari Smart, President of…
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developing technical latent
October 27, 2021  | By

Developing Diverse Technical Talent From Those That Don’t Have a Technical Background

A conversation with Magda Bukala, Diversity Inclusion and Social Responsibility Manager II and ATA Global…
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effective change management
October 1, 2021  | By

Learning and Development’s Role in Change Management

It’s often said that the one constant in life is change, and the past year…
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resilience training for leaders
September 23, 2021  | By

Focus on Resilience

Why should employers be concerned about mental health? In 2016, the World Health Organization declared…
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adaptive learning expert
September 20, 2021  | By

Adaptive Learning: Personalized Learning At Scale

Interview with Joe Barrow, Adaptive Learning Expert A 2021 report from LinkedIn on the “State…
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coaching for success
September 15, 2021  | By

Coaching Delivers Organizational Success

It’s no secret that the best leaders are inspirational, encouraging, and supportive to their employees.…
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