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Alaska Airlines is an American Airline company committed to safety, reliability, and timely transportation for their customers. They proudly hold an 84% on-time departure rate.

Alaska Airlines merged with Virgin America and was faced with the task of onboarding many new employees into their systems and processes. One of the more involved processes was their departure timeline process. There is a detailed, specific method that must be followed from sixty minutes before takeoff to zero minutes. Alaska Airlines’ Chief Operating Officer (COO) requested the entire company take part in a training on their departure timeline process to help illustrate the importance, ensure all employees understand their roles, and all departments are aligned.

Business Objectives

Historically only the grounds crew was training on departure timeline processes. However, with the merger, Alaska Airlines acknowledged that every employee plays a part in ensuring flights take off on-time. It was critical that Alaska Airlines have a consistent training that could be delivered across the entire organization. This training objective was to clearly define each employees’ role and responsibility in relation to the departure timeline process as well as demonstrate the importance of effective communication between all departments.

Additionally, Alaska Airlines wanted this training to be used for onboarding new employees to ensure they would adequately adopt the precise actions that results in Alaska Airlines’ 84% on-time departure rate.

Alaska Airlines, knowing they did not have the internal resources to complete the request, reached out to partner with TTA for our expertise and capabilities.

TTA Collaboration

TTA met with key stakeholders and conducted a needs analysis on 12 different workgroups. As a result of this analysis. Workflows were documented that take place during the timeline process. From these first steps, TTA developed customized eLearning that met all of Alaska Airline’s desired objectives.

The eLearning outlined roles and responsibilities, the importance of their processes, and effective communication. TTA incorporated knowledge checks to test for understanding, as well as developed job aids for employees to use going forward.

The development gave Alaska Airlines the ability to differentiate the training for new hires and existing employees. They were also able to individualize it for the station leaders so they could review with their teams, as needed.

Alaska Airlines integrated the eLearning into their internal website and delivered the training in three different phases. These phases included, a video introduction of the importance of the departure timeline process from the COO including a job aid, the delivery of the eLearning, and finally a follow-up communication about the success of the training.

Additionally, to assist with the onboarding of Virgin America employees as well as new employees, Alaska Airlines embedded the eLearning into new-hire classes for all departments. The training also included discussion prompts to further enhance the onboarding experience.

TTA supported and assisted Alaska Airlines through the entire project, from the needs analysis to project management and deployment. The departure timeline project was a large aggressive project.

“Being a company-wide initiate, TTA made the whole process so easy. They have talented, reliable, innovative talent with the exact skills that my projects required. They continued to support me throughout the project and really cared about meeting my needs.” explained Christine Helm, Manager of Training Delivery at Alaska Airlines.

Business Results

Alaska Airlines’ partnership with TTA produced impressive measurable results for the company.

  • In a short period of time, Alaska Airlines was able to introduce their departure timeline process to all 3,500 new Virgin American employees.
  • Alaska Airlines has maintained their quarterly goal on-time departure rate of 84%, even through a merger, and the onboarding of Virgin America employees.
  • 100% of employees demonstrated a full understanding of the content based on the knowledge checks.

Alaska Airlines continues to use this eLearning tool to keep their employees informed and trained. A link to the module is posted on their internal website. Leaders are able to access lesson plans, as needed. With TTA’s collaboration and partnership, we developed a strong, impactful training that enabled a successful merger with minimal operational interruptions.