Podcast Summary
The Future of Learning: AR/VR’s Evolving Role in Corporate Training

Immersive Technologies and AI in Businesses and Training

Maria and John discussed the increasing global adoption of immersive technologies like AR and VR in businesses, citing a survey indicating that 82% of company executives plan to incorporate these technologies into their business models. They were then joined by Jason Morris, the Extended Reality Manager at Cross Trainer, who shared insights on the evolving role of these technologies in corporate training. Jason defined XR as a catch-all term for reality-based technologies and described their role as an evangelist, educator, and researcher. They emphasized the rapid growth and convergence of XR, AI, and other related technologies, and shared their hands-on experience with these tools. Jason also discussed their academic and professional background in artificial intelligence and expressed their belief in the power of AI. They highlighted recent advancements in AI capabilities and their potential impact on teaching, training, and the ability to provide more accurate data and metrics for AI interpretation. Jason also noted that AI is revolutionizing the creation process for AR/VR projects, making it easier and quicker to build rich experiences.

AR/VR Technology Adoption Discussion

John and Jason discussed the varying degrees of adoption of AR/VR technology in different organizations, with some having already built departments around it and others just starting to explore its potential. Jason suggested that companies should begin with smaller, targeted projects, particularly in areas of their training that are underperforming. They emphasized that AR/VR technology can be flexible and affordable, making it accessible to companies of all sizes. Jocelyn noted that mid-size companies, despite spending the least on training costs, are the most likely to utilize AR/VR. Jason highlighted the scalability of AR/VR, with even smaller companies able to use it through approaches such as 360 cameras.

AR/VR Learning Solutions for SMBs

They discussed the frequency of AR and VR usage by smaller and larger companies and noted that despite using it more, these smaller companies were spending less on training costs. Jason highlighted the benefits of AR and VR technology, such as unifying remote workers and boosting motivation. They also emphasized their role as a creative technologist, helping organizations understand their needs and introducing them to available technologies. The conversation concluded with a discussion about the potential challenges organizations might face when deciding to integrate an AR/VR learning solution.

Outcomes and Evaluation in XR/AR Training

Jason stressed the importance of clearly defining outcomes in XR/AR training and highlighted the benefits of recording every interaction for a fine-grained understanding of its effectiveness. They emphasized the need to evaluate the effectiveness of the training afterward and establish metrics for success. Jason also noted that many companies often start projects without fully understanding the technology involved, which can lead to pitfalls. They emphasized the need to evolve AR/VR tools to be more enterprise-ready and believed that 2024 will be a year of significant progress in this area.

AR/VR Empathy Enhancement and Collaboration

Jason discussed the potential of AR/VR technology in enhancing empathy and understanding through experiential learning. They highlighted a project that aimed to help healthcare professionals empathize with their patients by experiencing their conditions.

AR/VR and AI in Corporate Learning: A Success Story

Jason shared a successful experience with a company for whom they launched several products, including a medical condition training program that won an innovation award. They believe AR and VR will play a significant role in the corporate learning space, predicting mass adoption will occur once Apple and Meta introduce their upcoming technologies. They also highlighted the potential for AI to enhance content generation, enabling more cost-effective training. Jason expressed optimism about the future of AR and VR, despite initial setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Training Session With Slam Poetry Tribute

The team engaged in a lively training session, answering questions swiftly and creatively. Jason’s performance stood out, and David honored them with a slam poetry tribute for their achievements. The team appreciated Jason’s insights. Jason thanked the team for their collaboration and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity.

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