How the Lack of Training Affects Your Organization

By November 27, 2018 No Comments

Often when professional training is discussed, the many benefits of training come up in conversation. While the plethora of benefits makes training worth investing in, it’s also important to understand the consequences of not implementing the training into your organization’s plan. Neglecting to implement training in your organization essentially means neglecting all areas of your organization. Training is imperative in running a successful organization. By not training your employees you can affect their productivity, safety, and the overall well-being of your organization.

To truly understand the value that training adds to your organization, it can help to look at how the lack of training affects your organization. Here are a few of the ways that the lack of training can affect your entire organization:[i]

Weakened Performance and Lower Retention Rates

Weakened performance is one of the most obvious negative outcomes of neglecting to train your employees. Employees who have not been trained will run into serious problems with producing high-quality work in an efficient way. It’s quite simple, less knowledge and training lead to a lower level of performance. Employees who are well trained with the skills necessary to perform their job and meet all deadlines, will put out high-quality work and have a positive impact on the organization. Lack of training can lead to more frustration, wasted time, and unhappy employees. Having employees who feel as though they are not developing and are becoming frustrated with their work, often leads to those employees leaving an organization and affecting your employee retention rates.

Unsafe Work Environments

In a recent study, it was discovered that 17 percent of small business employees never received any workplace training.[ii] Often people think that health and safety training is only for hospitals, construction workers, and law enforcement. Safety training should not be reserved for any industry and should be enforced in all organizations. By training your employees on best practices for maintaining a safe workplace, you will significantly reduce the number of incidents that may occur.  It is an organization’s responsibility to do everything in its power to keep its employees safe and healthy. Training is a key preventative measure to be taken.

Lack of Knowledge of Industry Trends and Policies

In our rapidly changing society, staying at the forefront of your industry in terms of knowledge is no longer just a “nice to have.” An organization that is a leader in its industry can drop in its rankings simply due to lack of training. By neglecting to train your employees on trends and policies within the industry, your entire organization will miss out on key advancements and innovations within the industry. Additionally, by not training your employees on new policies, mandates, requirements, and practices as they arise, you can even run into legal issues with your organization, which, in turn, can be extremely costly.

Not only does training have a positive impact on nearly every aspect of your organization, but it also helps prevent disastrous mistakes from occurring within your organization. Next time you are debating between training or not training, recall these types of consequences of neglecting to train.

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