New Year – New Learning Mindset

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learning mindset

As you reflect on the upcoming new year, it’s important to take some time to focus on you. It’s customary to create a New Year’s resolution for ourselves, and traditionally it’s related to exercise or eating healthy. Why not add learning to your resolution? Expand your mind, there are so many amazing benefits that come from it. Benefits that can enhance you physically as well as professionally. “Learning is the superpower of superpowers, the one that grows the rest of them. If you want to steepen your growth curve in life, it pays to learn about learning.”[i]

Here are our top five ways to expand your learning for the New Year:

Be Curious

“Someone who is curious is more likely to be interested in learning new ideas, techniques, and perspectives.[ii] Amazing breakthroughs and discoveries are a result of curiosity.”[iii] Immerse yourself in a curious environment. One that you can reach your highest potential in learning and expanding your mind. Learn more about Creating a Culture of Curiosity in your workplace.

Work from Your Strengths

The first step to working from your strengths is to learn what your strengths are. Strength finder assessments, like CliftonStrengths, are a great tool to discover what your natural talents are. Psychologist Don Clifton’s book “focuses on the premise that people have more potential for growth when they develop their strengths instead of correcting deficiencies.”[iv] Learning what your strengths are and working from those strengths promotes better productivity, teamwork, and growth. According to a Gallup survey of 10 million people, “approximately seven million people do not have an opportunity to focus on what they do best.”[v] So, for 2019 take the time to learn your strengths and foster a growth mindset.

Accept Feedback

There is so much to be learned when you listen and accept feedback. Positive or constructive, feedback can expand your knowledge on so many different topics, as well as aid in your personal development. Feedback can be a motivator. When you accept the feedback you open your mind to new ideas, new ways of doing, and potentially new opportunities. Don’t ever underestimate the benefits of effective feedback.


Collaborating with other teams and departments can broaden your horizon in instrumental ways. Each department has the knowledge and each individual has the knowledge, and it can be one of the best ways to learn. Whether your team is local or virtual, take time out of each week to speak to other people in your organization, or in your life, the knowledge you will gain is irreplaceable.

Get Coached

Coaching is quickly associated with sports and activities and can certainly be an asset when learning those. However, in a business environment, coaching holds its own value that aids in professional learning. In today’s workplace, coaching is all about everyday hands-on learning while the wheels of business continue spinning.[vi] Coaching has multiples benefits in the workplace, including, valued relationships, boosted productivity and improved retention. But, what might be the greatest gift of coaching is the skills you can learn, the knowledge you can retain.

The holidays are all about giving, take some time in 2019 to focus on you. Give yourself the gift of learning. Open your mind to all the possibilities and possibilities might open for you.  We would love to hear what you are learning or what you would like to learn. Comment below with something new you would like to learn in 2019!

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