Why Your Organization Needs Implicit Bias Training

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Implicit Bias Training Blog

Implicit bias training is a timely topic nowadays, and your organization might be considering whether it needs to invest in this subject. If you’re unaware of what implicit bias is, it refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner.[i] Organizations have found implicit bias training to be beneficial, as a recent meta-analysis found that the training can be successful when taught correctly – highlighting factors such as the proper amount of content, length of time, and audience.[ii] With all that being said, here are some additional reasons why your organization needs to get started with implicit bias training:

1. Enhanced Awareness

Implicit bias training works because it helps participants understand the nature of their unconscious thoughts, and the potentially negative consequences these thoughts could have.[iii] Implementing this training at work enhances learner awareness – in fact, research has shown that bias reduction over time is possible.[iv]

2. Organizational Growth

For companies that take advantage of implicit bias training, they’ll quickly discover that the training content pushes the learners to want to positively impact the company. For example, Google provided its employees with internal implicit bias training and found that its participants left with a higher understanding of unconscious bias and more motivation to diminish bias than people who didn’t partake in the training sessions.[v]

3. Strategic Growth

Providing learners with strategies to follow after implicit bias training is important because they help deliver results long after the training sessions are over. Developing a personal action plan to overcome biases will lead to growth for both the employee and the organization.

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