Successfully Settling Disputes in the Workplace

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Successfully Settling Disputes in the Workplace TTA Blog

Regardless of size, market, and location, teams within organizations all over the world face disagreements each day. Each team within an organization is made up of people with varying opinions, strengths, and values. When large groups of people come together, there is bound to be conflict regardless of the setting. However, how conflict is dealt with is what makes or breaks a team.

Here are insights from an article on on some of the best ways to resolve conflict at work and here are a few of my favorite take-aways:[i]

Embrace Conflict

One of the most interesting points is that conflict should be embraced. If conflicts and disputes are pushed off too long they can pile up and create bigger problems. Leaders should encourage members of their team to work together to resolve conflicts. However, it is important to note that embracing conflict does not mean creating unnecessary conflict, as this is never something that is encouraged in the workplace.

Listening is Key

Many conflicts within the workplace derive from miscommunication. When a conversation or decision travels through multiple different vessels of an organization, the message could be misconstrued or changed altogether. When you’re facing conflict at work, take time to have a conversation with those involved in the conflict. It is crucial to understand what the root of the problem is, and you may discover that the conflict was really just a miscommunication.

Search for Agreements

If there is a conflict in the workplace, it is likely caused by a disagreement between two or multiple employees. Therefore, when it comes time to discuss the issue, it’s important to find the things that you both agree on. Focus on what you agree on in creating a solution. If too much time is spent dwelling on disagreements, a solution will not be made.