Training and Football Have Much in Common

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America’s #1 pastime, football, has started. The football season and the fabulous frenzy which accompanies it begins with humming regularity every year, and awakens the competitive spirit of both the teams and their fans.

But it’s not as if the teams were resting on their breaks, lounging poolside and eating candy.  No, they were training.  Because that is what winning teams do – train.

For football teams, training has progressed to the pre-season games.   Do you realize that every team trains every year? And that this training is ongoing?  This applies to all, especially to the Super Bowl champions, especially to the likes of Tom Brady and Ryan Fitzpatrick.  These winning players and teams spend an ample amount of their time off-season training, planning, strategizing, studying others’ winning games, learning more about themselves.  Winning teams know that to keep themselves in top competitive shape they must train, train, train.

It is not far-fetched to compare winning football teams to winning corporate teams.  In the corporate environment, winning cultures are bred, rather not born.  And how do you breed a winning corporate culture?  You do that by training their people to be at their best, by encouraging them to learn, and to learn in an ongoing way.

Training in a corporate setting – like football plays – has to be profoundly strategic to continuously breed a winning culture. Training should be viewed as a process aimed at improving the single most important resource in the organization – people.  It’s not enough to simply hire good and capable people.  You must nurture their talents and create an environment that is conducive to ongoing learning.

And these employees that value training and learning will ensure to deliver customer satisfaction.  Nothing affects customer loyalty more than the behaviors and competencies of employees.  Organizations who develop their teams well tend to have better outcomes with their customers.

Here are some high-level steps that you can take to ensure that your organization values training and learning:

  • Proactively plan for employee development trough allocating budget and time to training programs.
  • Address the value of training and learning as part of your employee communications.
  • Integrate training and learning into your performance management formulas to ensure they are valued – as they say, what gets measured gets done.
  • Acknowledge the accomplishments of your teams in the areas of training and learning.

In this area of readily available social feedback and venting, well-trained employees will ensure that the positive outcomes get amplified in customers’ voices.  Otherwise, to see how most companies are missing the targets on training, simply go to Yelp and find a business with a preponderance of negative reviews.  If you take the next step, and intentionally visit this business or interact with it, you may be able to assess if the reviews are accurate.  Most of the time, though, the trouble points lead to matters that can be addressed through training.  On the other hand, think of the businesses that you frequently patronize. Most likely, you do so because their people treat you well and are professional.  One of the top reasons we support businesses is that human factor – the employees.  And employees do well when they are trained, and appreciated at that.

Make training a priority for your organization. Kaboom!!!!!  Score a touchdown with every customer interaction through training!

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