3 Ways to Create a Better Candidate Experience

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The job market is buzzing with excitement among today’s active workforce. With unemployment rates the lowest in history, talent has their eyes open to future job opportunities. The enthusiasm is in the air for candidates and hiring managers alike.

There’s a lot going on in this active job market, so to understand this energy a little more, I sat down with one of our recruiters, who has over twenty years of talent acquisition experience, to share her views.

Without even asking her my first question, her eyes lit up with excitement. She immediately began talking to me about the importance of building an exceptional candidate experience.

Nearly 60% of candidates have had a poor candidate experience, and 72% of those candidates shared that experience online or with someone directly.[i] In this talent-driven market, it is important more than ever to create an exceptional candidate journey.

Here are her top three tips to create a better candidate experience.

Tip 1: Thoughtful Communications

First and foremost, as a recruiter, talent acquisition professional, or HR leader, you are the face of the company. You are often the first human interaction a candidate has with the company. Everything you say and do reflects the company’s brand, culture, and gives the candidate a glimpse into how employees are treated.

How and when the candidate receives messages and communications is a critical part of the candidate’s success journey. Being mindful of always delivering timely and meaningful communications to talent offers a competitive advantage among other competing companies.

Candidates appreciate companies who actively follow up with them, offer honest feedback, and provide clear job descriptions.

  • Call Candidates Directly and Provide Timely Feedback – Why should a candidate only hear positive feedback? They invested time learning more about the organization and meeting hiring teams. Their time is precious too, so they deserve to hear feedback that can give them the answers needed to seek closure or to continue the interview process.
  • Give Candidates Time to Respond – A rushed conversation or leaving a candidate feeling unprepared is not the best way to start the hiring process. Allow the candidate enough time to prepare for a call or an interview.
  • Be Honest with Job Expectations – Give a potential hire the full picture of the work they will be expected to do. Job expectations should be established in the beginning to avoid the element of surprise later in the hiring process. If you are clear about the role in the beginning, there is less of a risk of the new employee leaving soon after being hired.

Tip 2: Timeliness – In this candidate-driven market, talent has many choices, so you risk losing a great candidate if you are not following up with them quickly and providing the timely feedback and information to make decisions. Strive to collect feedback from an interview within 24 hours, so you can respond back to the candidate within a few days.

Tip 3: Look Beyond the Resume – A resume does not tell the full story of someone’s true potential. Consider pre-employment assessments and engage with a candidate to fully understand their strengths and growth potential. Take the time to understand and identify those intangible qualities that would not be necessarily written down on a resume (e.g., personality, growth mindset aptitude, and strong work ethic). The candidate will appreciate the personalized approach and you will have the opportunity to discover a hidden talented future employee.

A Rewarding Experience for All

It is important for recruitment professionals to consider the candidate experience. From the first interaction with a candidate to the last conversation, the candidate journey is where talent recruitment professionals can make their mark. By building an exceptional candidate experience from the outset, you will have a competitive advantage to engage and select the best candidates.

It’s easy to make the candidate experience a seamless and enjoyable experience to capture talent that will drive your company’s future success. Remember, in today’s talent-driven market, the candidate experience could be the deciding factor for a future hire.

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