• 1 Expert Trainer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Learning Strategist


  • Provided an expert trainer to deliver hands-on telesales training to NCI’s manufacturing facilities
  • Successfully identified talent which matched the technical skills and culture fit NCI was looking for
  • Created a training delivery schedule that consisted of half day hands-on training 
  • Conducted coaching sessions after training to reinforce new skills
  • TTA trainers listened to live sales calls and delivered individualized feedback, guidance, and best practices to further develop each NCI sales representative


  • Quickly and accurately identified training talent that met NCI’s unique needs
  • Decreased NCI’s time-to-training and time-to-competency – which resulted in both time and cost savings
  • Achieved their goal of upskilling the sales team to successfully re-establish relationships with former customers to generate additional sales
  • Improved energy and confidence from NCI team members in their new roles
  • After completing the training, NCI experienced increased volume and penetration of new accounts
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