Artificial Intelligence for Business Professionals (AIBIZ) Webinar


AIBiz logoYou’ve heard the hype about AI and how it’s transforming our world, but as a professional, what does that mean for you?

As a CertNexus partner, we are excited to offer an Artificial Intelligence for Business Professionals (AIBIZ) webinar. This session offers an overview of the AIBIZ course which explains how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist organizations in operating more efficiently, developing new products, increasing customer engagement, and improving a host of other business activities.

This overview is designed for executives, decision-makers, business stakeholders, project managers, and any person who is interested in growing business by leveraging the power of AI.

Advantages of this training:

  • Impact of AI on a business
  • Approaches to machine learning and deep learning
  • Fundamentals of AI implementations