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A Subset of Artificial Intelligence

What is deep learning? To answer that question, you first must understand what artificial intelligence is. In a nutshell, artificial intelligence is when machines can complete any jobs that typically require human intelligence. Within the circle of artificial intelligence is machine learning, which is where machines learn by experience and can gain knowledge and skills without the direct impact of humans. All of this leads to deep learning, which is a subset of machine learning and involves networks that can learn unsupervised from various data algorithms.

With all this being said, how can deep learning help your organization? Intelligent automation can vastly help your business grow, save time, and take advantage of the latest trends and growth opportunities. Some well-known deep learning market applications that your organization can make use of include natural language processing software, image recognition software, and speech recognition software.

  • Natural language processing software: Deciphers messages or text
  • Image recognition software: The ability to search, sort, and segment for object detection
  • Speech recognition software: Allows humans to interact with their smart devices

Deep learning tools save your organization money and time. The tools work at a faster rate than humans, and they never sleep. It can save time on repetitive work, and done at an efficient pace. The quality of the work – and its accuracy – are additional benefits of deep learning. These artificial intelligence tools can take your organization to the next level, so be sure to contact TTA to get started.

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