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TTA is an award-winning global leader for innovative learning and development talent and solutions. Here’s a list of the hottest training topics today that we are offering virtually.

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reboarding teams

Reboarding: A Leadership Playbook to Relaunch Your Teams

Many organizations that moved largely or wholly to remote work are now preparing to return to work. They are busy addressing vital workplace safety routines and policies. Leaders know we cannot simply “return to normal.” The rapid shift to operating remotely has led to significant experiences and changes, opening up new opportunities for where and when we work, how we work, how we collaborate across the business, how we serve customers, and what is possible. We must ready, reboard, and reinvent. Learn more and register.

Managing Remote Teams

Managing Remote Teams

The working world has changed. We can no longer assume that we will be working in the same building, so you need the skills to be able to successfully manage your team remotely. In this high energy, high content workshop, you will gain tactical skills so you can maintain your team’s productivity and morale in a remote environment. Learn more and register.

Virtual Classroom Expert

Become a Virtual Classroom Expert

TTA has partnered with Logical Operations to offer a Virtual Education Course. This three-and-a-half-hour class will be focused on the best practices for remote delivery. This course will give you the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively facilitate learning by delivering content in a number of modalities; face-to-face sessions, remote sessions, mixed learning environments, and asynchronous sessions. Learn more and register.